Wolf Alice Recording New Album?

Ernie Ball artists Wolf Alice are finally back in the studio and are allegedly working on a follow-up to their debut album, “My Love Is Cool.” The band has posted a few teasers on their social media profiles but no dates have been set for a new release.

Green Day Releases New Song

Punk rock legends and Ernie Ball artists, Green Day, just pulled the trigger on a brand new single, “Bang Bang.” Early reviews compare the song to “Welcome To Paradise” and ” Burnout.”

Eric Clapton Announces New Album

Longtime Ernie Ball string player, Eric Clapton, just announced a new live album titled “Live in San Diego.” The album features several appearances by Eric Clapton’s friend and mentor, JJ Cale, who passed away in 2013 and will be available September 30 as a two-disc CD, a three-disc vinyl set and as a digital album.