The Ernie Ball engineering and design team is known for researching, finding needs in the market, and innovating new tools for musicians. Through hard work, stimulating development, and product testing comes the Ernie Ball Volt Power Supply.

Lucky for you, the Volt Power Supply is your excuse to buy more pedals! This ultra-compact, road-ready power supply puts a complete powering solution in the palm of your hand. You can connect all of your favorite digital and analog pedals to multiple high current DC outputs for clean, regulated power. Relax and rely on the individually isolated outputs, short-circuit-proof design with ultra-low noise operation. The Ernie Ball Volt Power Supply brings the power to the pedal.

We’ve compiled all of our most frequently asked questions about this new power supply and are here to help clarify any pressing concerns.

Can you use a daisy cable to power multiple pedals?

You can! In fact, you can even daisy chain our Volts together if you use the correct power supply. However, if you daisy chain more than one pedal off of one Volt output, those pedals will not be isolated from one another, and you run the risk of causing a ground loop which can cause unwanted noise/buzz.

How many pedals can it power at one time?

If you use one pedal per output, five. However, multiple pedals can be daisy-chained per output, but if you daisy chain more than one pedal off of one Volt output, those pedals will not be isolated from one another, and you run the risk of causing a ground loop which can cause unwanted noise/buzz.

Does it include cables?

Yes, the Volt includes a wall adapter to power the unit, and five 20” DC cables.

Does the Volt offer multiple voltages?

9V and 18V outputs are available.

What is “through” and how does the Volt help with that?

The 9V outputs utilize the Volt circuitry to regulate the power supplied. The 18V output is a direct connection to the supplied 18V power adapter. Therefore, the adapter powers the Volt as well as sending the remaining amperage through to the 18V output.

Can you use multiple of them in one outlet?

Yes, as long as the wall adapter provides between 1 and 2 Amps at 18V. **We only recommend the use of Ernie Ball supplied adapters.

Is it linear or switch mode? 

Technically a bit of both, but rest assured, the Volt provides clean noise-free power to your pedals when used correctly.

Can you fully isolate each pedal and is there a ground?

Every output is completely isolated from the input and all other outputs.

What else besides pedals can we power with this?

Anything that meets the capabilities provided by the supply (300mA or under at 9V). **Please do not use this device for any medical or safety equipment, as it is intended to power musical accessory devices.

Does the Volt have to be mounted because of the heat?

No. In fact, the Volt can withstand relatively extreme environments and remains cool when operating even at maximum operation.

The Volt’s max mA is 300mA, why not make it 500mA?

The vast majority of pedals on the market draw 300mA or much less. It’s true there are some that require more draw, and many are rated with an inflated tolerance in order to ensure players don’t underpower the pedals, which can cause damage. The good news is, the Volt has the ability to shut itself off if it cannot power the pedal, thus not damaging itself, or the connected pedal. For such a compact unit we decided that regulating the outputs to 300mA was the ideal choice to provide the best isolation and clean power to your pedals!

What would you say makes it better than other products like it on the market?

When used correctly, the Volt will always provide reliable, noise-free power to any pedal when used correctly. Even in noisy relatively extreme environments, the Volt will distribute the power your pedals need.

Can you use it with other brands’ power supplies?

We only recommend the use of Ernie Ball supplied adapters to power the Volt as they have been tested to provide sufficient and clean power to the unit.

Is there a warranty in case something goes wrong?

Please visit the Ernie Ball website to review the most up to date information.

How to Use the Volt Power Supply

For more instructions on how to use the Volt Power Supply and to check out the technical specifications, download the user manual here.

Watch the Volt in Action

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