NAMM 2024 is here and we’re kicking off with an announcement of all the new Ernie Ball gear. Make sure to follow along on our social media channels starting Thursday, January 25th as a destination for everything NAMM.



Ernie Ball’s all-new Flatwound Guitar strings are the perfect complement for players seeking a warm, mellow tone and a smooth vintage feel. The wound strings are constructed with tin-plated steel hex cores, wound with a stainless steel ribbon wrap that has been polished to a smooth glass-like finish. The resulting sound is vintage-inspired with a dark, smooth fundamental. Due to the polished flat ribbon surface, the inherent finger noise with traditional strings is virtually eliminated making these strings a favorite among jazz players and session recording artists. Ernie Ball Flatwound guitar strings are available starting today in light gauge 11-50 and medium-light gauge 12-52.

Ernie Ball’s Flatwound Bass offerings have been expanded to include 3 new gauges including two short scale sets. All strings feature a polished stainless steel ribbon winding for a smooth, glass-like feel, and a rich, warm tone that’s perfect for a wide range of genres. Precision wound with our custom core-to-wrap ratios and specific gauges, these strings deliver a unique sound and feel, unlike any other offering in our catalog.

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The ernie ball wall hanger

Introducing the all-new Ernie Ball Wall Hanger. Featuring a contemporary floating design, the Ernie Ball Wall Hanger allows you to safely show off and display your instruments in your home or studio. This new wall hanger holds left and right-handed  6 and 7-string guitars and 4 or 5-string basses and features a unique design which floats the hanger 1/4” – 1/2” off the wall. The Ernie Ball Wall Hanger conceals mounting hardware for a clean aesthetic and includes non-slip, non-marring materials that grip the neck just below the headstock. It supports instruments up to 15 lbs. and comes with easy-to-mount hardware and a template. Available Spring 2024.




Ernie Ball Braided Instrument Cables feature a high-quality design made with superior components that are built to last. Dual-conductors deliver reliably clear tone with crisp highs, tight mids, and rich harmonics. Multiple shielding materials preserve the signal with low handling noise, and the braided jacket exterior provides a tangle-resistant experience. Ernie Ball Braided Instrument Cables will be offered in 4 new colorways, in both 10’ and 18’ lengths in Spring 2024. 



The all-new Ernie Ball Acoustic Soundhole Cover suppresses unwanted noise and feedback, maximizing the output of your acoustic-electric guitar. Made from a durable soft rubber material that will not harm your guitar’s surface, the Ernie Ball Acoustic Soundhole Cover will fit most acoustic guitars. Available Spring 2024.


jacquard straps

NEW weave patterns

The ever-popular Ernie Ball Strap Collection is getting an update in 2024. The world’s number one polypro guitar strap will be available in 4 new Jacquard weave patterns. Featuring machine-stitched leather and durable yet comfortable polypropylene webbing, Ernie Ball Jacquard Straps are adjustable from 41” to 72” in length. Available Spring 2024.



The Ernie Ball Cloud Comfort strap is made from stretchy neoprene material incorporating unique air cell technology, which offers an optimal cushioning solution for musicians who experience shoulder discomfort due to prolonged playing. The unique air cell core technology makes this guitar strap stronger and more comfortable to wear, evenly dispersing the weight of your instrument across your shoulder and back. The neoprene air cell design is attached to long-lasting leather ends and fastened to polypropylene webbing via an acetal plastic loop slide. It provides a snug fit without being too stiff or bouncy. Available in both 2” and 3” widths, you can be sure that the strap will be comfortable, moisture repellant, and glide easily over skin or clothes. Adjustable length 43” – 51”. Available Spring 2024.



The Ernie Ball String Explorer is an online tool to help both beginner and advanced guitar players navigate the tonal offerings of Ernie Ball string alloys and technologies. Using the String Explorer, users can watch and listen to high-quality electric, acoustic, and bass demos to hear the tonal difference of Ernie Ball’s string offerings. The user can hear how different alloys sound using single coil or humbucking pickups, acoustic guitars of different sizes and tone woods, as well as 4-string and 5-string basses. Using the Ernie Ball String Explorer, users can choose their own adventure while comparing and learning about the different features in the Ernie Ball String catalog.

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