David McNeley, better known as “Mcbiff,” lies on his floor lost in meditation as Danny Elfman’s “Ice Dance” plays in the background. He plays the song over and over as he gets lost in the music and dives deeper into his creative process — making his mind wonderfully empty. His concentration is then interrupted by a voodoo tiki doctor in front of a vintage TV screen with a whole space age instrument panel. Working the panel like a mad monkey, the voodoo doctor wildly converts his potions into men with tiki mask’s for heads and beautiful blue haired women playing the ukulele with a tiki headstock.

And just like that, the Ernie Ball Ukulele campaign was born.



We teamed up with Disney artist and Huntington Beach native Mcbiff to create a series of limited-edition artwork to help launch the brand new Ernie Ball ukulele strings. Mcbiff has created a style that is both familiar and enthusiastically new. Inspired by the Disney artists that came before him, his mid-century modern designs offer clean simplicity and plenty of hidden surprises.

I can easily say that doing work with Sterling Ball is an absolute pleasure. He has great ideas and, better yet, loves to let people be creative in their own way. He understands that new ideas and way-out-there thoughts are what keeps a business fresh.

About our Ukulele Strings

Our ukulele strings feature ball end construction for faster, easier installation over traditional tie-end strings — which can prove difficult to wrap at tension around the bridge post. Made from 100% nylon monofilament, Ernie Ball ukulele strings are offered in traditional clear resin for a bright, balanced tone with excellent projection and black resin for warmth, rich tone with percussive attack. Available in .028, .032, .040, and .028 gauges.

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