The World Over


One of the greatest gifts music gives to us all is a creative outlet to express our most vulnerable emotions, it is what moves arenas, theatres, and underground clubs of people all over the world. It unites songwriters from all walks of life under a shared emotion. In the dynamic song, “Rewind/Replay” by the band The World Over, Tiaday Ball, granddaughter to our very own Ernie Ball, recounts the lyrics with Alternative Press.

“I wrote the lyrics to this song shortly after my father passed away in 2015 as an outlet for the roller coaster of emotions I was experiencing from losing him so abruptly,” Ball says.

The band held on to the song till 2018 stating that it did not fit with their EP, Mountains and felt it deserved its own acknowledgment. The music video takes you on a journey looking through a family album conveying the universal bittersweet feeling of loss and remaining memories. The World Over is currently on the “Art Of Dissent” tour where they’ll be supporting Otep. Tickets are available here.

The World Over play Ernie Ball Regular Slinky and Bass Power Slinky 5 string with Ernie Ball Music Man instruments JP 7 guitar and Sterling Bass.

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Badcop, Badcop


Badcop, Badcop came onto the scene swinging with punk rock riffs and strong melody driven songs. Led by singer/songwriter Stacey Dee, she convinced ‘Fat Mike’ of legendary punk band NOFX to come check out the band in San Francisco. In a week Badcop, Badcop was signed to Mike’s label, “Fat Wreckchords” and released the EP Boss Lady of 2014. In 2017, the band released their record titled, Warrior, which showcased the bands’ ability to write catchy punk tunes with a strong voice for equality. Check out the video for the song “Womanachrist” above.

Badcop, Badcop play Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Guitar Strings and Bass Power Slinky. 

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Long Island, NY progressive hardcore band Glassjaw is everything a dynamic heavy guitarist would be. Big riffs, fun ripping noisy leads, and quick cuts. The band was formed by Daryl Palumbo and Justin Beck who have been collaborating since they were teenagers. Glassjaw has been named one of the most influential bands for underground music and modern hardcore bands like Night Verses, Letlive, and The Movielife. With such a strong cult following, the band has been able to survive with a rotating lineup. In late 2017, Amazon leaked the band’s new record before its release titled, Material Control on Century Media Records to high acclaim.

Glassjaw play Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Guitar Strings and Super Slinky Bass Strings with a

Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Guitars

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Oso Oso


Oso Oso is the current project of Jade Lilitri, of Long Beach, New York. After several early records, the project saw its first official self released record titled, The Yuhan Mixtape on Bandcamp in 2017. What turned from a mellow release quickly gained momentum and snowballed into positive reviews from Pitchfork and a fan base that loved Jade’s knack for writing infectious choruses. Oso Oso signed to Triple Crown Records, which re-released The Yuhan Mixtape to a wider audience. Check out the artistic shot video for the single “reindeer games” above.

Oso Oso count on Ernie Ball Power Slinky Guitar Strings

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Drug Church


Too poppy for the heavy crowd and too heavy for the poppy crowd, Drug Church is that loud catchy band that finds the perfect balance between hook, riffs, and melody. Making serious music without taking themselves too seriously, Drug Church is the truth for selfless cynics who love hardcore punk. The band has released their latest record titled, Cheer a month ago this year. Watch their latest music video for the song titled, “Unlicensed Hall Monitor” off the new record above.

Drug Church rip the gig with Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom, Regular Slinky Guitar Strings, and Regular Bass Slinky

Listen to top tracks by Drug Church below and add them to your Spotify playlist below.

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