This week at The 2018 Vans Warped Tour, we caught up with Ernie Ball artist family members, Senses Fail. Find out what guitarist Gavin Caswell had to say in our exclusive Q&A about his current gear. Stay plugged into the Ernie Ball blog and our Instagram account for exclusive behind-the-scenes stories and highlights from your favorite Ernie Ball artists throughout the entire tour.



EB: Do you remember your first pack?

Gavin Caswell: “I remember my first pack of Ernie Ball slinkys. I bought them at Grayson’s Tune Town in La Cañada, California. The Green pack, 10-46. There was no way I was going to buy any other set of strings because the packaging of the Ernie Ball Strings was just so cool. The eagle on it and everything. I was like, well yeah those are the strings I want to play.”

EB: How did you get interested in music?

Gavin Caswell: “I got interested in playing music because of my mother. She played classical and folk guitar, mostly so her and her friends could sing songs together. She would have a stack of lyrics sheets in her guitar case so big the guitar could barely fit in it. When they were all hanging out after dinner or whatever, she could hand out lyric sheets so she could play and everybody could sing and enjoy themselves together. That to me was the purest form of music. Just sharing it!

EB: What was your first guitar riff?

Gavin Caswell: “My first guitar riff was a Rage Against the Machine song. I think “Bulls On Parade” because it was the easiest thing to figure out how to read, tab. I learned how to read tabs by learning “Bulls On Parade” on my mom’s acoustic guitar.”

EB: What advice would you give for getting into the music industry?

Gavin Caswell: “If I were going to give someone advice on getting into the music industry, I would say don’t expect anything. Be ready to work hard and follow your opportunities. Working as an intern at a record label that led me to sell merch, which led me to guitar teching for a ton of different bands. While I was still playing music. I would have never been able to do that if I would have thought I have to do this now first and that’s it. It’s important to have that passion and drive, but it is a multi-faceted business. Be ready to work and enjoy it. “

Senses Fail use Beefy Slinkys, Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Slinkys, and Bass 5 Super Slinkys.

Vans Warped Tour had a full deja vu moment with Senses Fail drummer Steve Carey, leaving him awe-struck. In a post to Twitter, Steve told fans about his first experience with the Vans Warped Tour in Milwaukee, back in 2003. Three years later, Steve Carey appeared again as a contender with Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands. His band won and they were allowed to play at the Milwaukee event.

Fast forward 12 years and Steve Carey is playing with Senses Fail, headlining, once again, the same stage at the same location! A story like Steve’s brings a special sentimental element to the final full cross country tour.

Check out Senses Fail’s Instagram account to stay updated on their whereabouts!

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