Live Performances

Panic! At The Disco

Panic! At The Disco performed on the Today Show on June 29th, six days after the release of their sixth studio album, Pray For The Wicked. They chose to play a mixture of new and old material. Between songs, lead singer Brandon Urie spoke to the hosts about the new album and how it came to be. He told the hosts that,

“I had just finished a stint at Broadway, and when I got home I planned to relax and take the rest of the year off, and just spend some family time. My heart, my inspiration, and my brain did not want to do that, so my second day into my sabbatical I just started working and came up with this album.”

Panic! At The Disco play Power Slinkys and Bass Hybrid Slinkys.


Starbenders appeared on Audiotree’s Live Sessions for a brief set. The glamorous indie rock band out of Atlanta played “Blood,” “Far From Heaven,” and several more from their 2016 album Heavy Petting and 2018 album Julian. Starbenders treat every performance as an opportunity to gather new fans and it shows through in each production.

Starbenders are midway through their Summer Tour and will be coming to the west coast in the next few weeks.

Starbenders play with Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Slinkys, Super Slinkys, and Bass Super Slinkys.

New Releases

Alice In Chains

Alice In Chains’ upcoming album, Rainier Fog, will debut on August 24th. To get some momentum going for their first album in five years, they premiered “So Far Under.” The release of this single trails shortly behind their May single “The One You Know.” “So Far Under” serves as a teaser to fans for new Alice In Chains heavy riffs and daunting vocal harmonies. Their album is available for preorder today. The group is currently on an international tour until November.

Alice In Chains play RPS Regular Slinkys and Paradigm Phosphor Bronze Medium Light Acoustic Strings.


Weezer’s cover of “Africa” by Toto is being released on vinyl by Urban Outfitters exclusively. The song will also be joined by another cover of Toto’s “Rosanna”. We originally saw Weezer perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live where Steve Pocaro, Toto’s pianist, joined them on stage to perform the keyboard solo in “Africa.” The single was so popular that the group decided to create the vinyl. Check out what Steve Lukather has to say about the resurgence of Toto’s great hit.

Weezer uses Regular Slinkys and Bass Hybrid Slinkys.


MxPx has released the official music video for “Let’s Ride” from their self-titled album. For many fans, this video is very emotional. The video showcases a young boy growing up as a fan of MxPx. Because of the band’s longevity, loyal fans have watched the band move through their several different stages in their career, and they’ve stuck with them the entire way.

MxPx bassist, Mike Herrera, plays with a Music Man StingRay. The band also uses Power Slinkys and Bass Regular Slinkys.


Etherius, a new instrumental metal group started by Angel Vivaldi, has released a new song and music video titled “The Inevitable End.” The track will appear on the group’s debut EP, Thread of Life. The EP will be released August 24th. Stream some select songs now via Spotify. We can’t wait to hear more from this New Jersey-based band.

Etherius riff with 7 String Power Slinkys. You can also spot a John Petrucci 7 Signature Guitar in the music video as well!

Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine’s new album, Gravity, released June 19th. This record is their sixth and it sounds absolutely monstrous. When asked about their new sound, lead singer Matt Tuck said,

“I’m very proud of it; it’s a step in a slightly different direction but I think we’ve listened to it as songs and if you get your head into it, it’s a monster, it’s [a] very fresh-sounding record.”

Check out the music video for “Letting You Go” and catch the group while they’re on tour.

Bullet For My Valentine plays with a custom set of Slinkys made from our single string collection.

Emily Kinney

Emily Kinney’s upcoming album Oh Jonathon is set to be released September 28th. The “The Walking Dead” star’s new album will be the first release since her 2017 single “Mermaid Song.” Check out her website for new music releases.

Emily Kinney plays with Regular Slinkys.

Tour Announcements

Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line is in the midst of their summer tour. While on tour, they managed to become the first group to hold the number one spot in three different country song charts and with three different songs. The charts include  Country AirplayCountry Digital Song Sales and Country Streaming Songs. The songs that topped them are “Up Down,” “Simple,” and “Meant To Be”.

Florida Georgia Line play Not Even Slinkys, Everlast Medium Coated Acoustic Strings, and Bass 5 Super Slinkys.

Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins are currently playing together and planning something big in the near future. After not playing together for several years the Smashing Pumpkins have arranged their disagreements and added yet another guitar. The only member missing from the reunion lineup that is the original founding group’s bassist D’arcy Wretzky. With James Corgan, Jeff Schroeder, and James Iha all ripping guitar, we know it’s going to be a killer set! Catch a show near you by checking out their website. Watch them play on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon from earlier this month below.

Smashing Pumpkins play Power Slinkys and Regular Slinkys.

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