Vans Warped Tour 2018 has kicked off it’s final full cross country tour on the west coast in Pomona, San Diego, Mountain View, and Ventura Beach California. As the official #1 string sponsor, Ernie Ball will be capturing all of the awesome highlights with our artists throughout the entire tour. Stay plugged in to the Ernie Ball blog and on our Instagram channel for exclusive behind-the-scenes stories and highlights from your favorite Ernie Ball bands.

Q&A: Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low

At Warped Tour Ventura we caught up with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low for an exclusive Q&A.


EB: What does guitar playing mean to you?

Alex Gaskarth: “Guitar playing to me is expressing some nonsense that I hear in my head over a physical medium and it’s the one that I was best at.”

EB: What was your introduction to music or your earliest memory of it?

Alex: “My introduction to music was growing up when my parents always had music on in the house. Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Elvis. Thats what I grew up on.”

EB: What was the first riff you ever learned?

Alex: “The first riff I learned was “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. It’s all open strings, it’s easy to play, and I felt like I could play along with the song which was dope.”

EB: Do you remember your first set of Ernie Ball strings?

Alex: “My first set of Ernie Ball strings was a pair of 9 gauge that I put on my first guitar – a used Ibanez that I saved up all of my allowance for.”

EB: Why did you choose Ernie Ball?

Alex: “All of my favorite bands were playing Ernie Ball. That was a big factor. Blink 182, Green Day… back then everybody was using them, I heard the name and it just seemed like the staple.”

EB: If you could co-bill with any artists alive or dead, who would it be?

Alex: “I’m going to say the Foo Fighters and for two reasons. One, because the Foo Fighters are amazing and two, because if my band was co-billing with the Foo Fighters it would mean that we had made it to Foo Fighter level which would also be great for me. So let’s do that Dave, call me back!”

Artist Highlights

All Time Low

All Time Low had amazing performances with packed amphitheaters, surprised fans with guest vocals for State Champs, and a very touching final performance in Ventura, CA.




Reel Big Fish

Would it be a Warped Tour without Reel Big Fish? Reel Big Fish has headlined Warped Tour more than any other band and they are bringing the great classic tunes around the country for the entire summer.



The Used

Another Warped Tour Alumni, The Used closed out the show each day with the audience singing along to their anthem tracks that have brought so many of their fans out to the tour year after year.



Four Year Strong

Four Year Strong is pumping out a high energy set and relying on their Ernie Ball individual strings to deliver it. Big riffs, foot on the monitor, and crowd jumping. Four Year Strong’s set is one you don’t want to miss.



Real Friends

Real Friends has kicked off the summer in full swing, playing Not Even Slinky and teaching their own gear. Dave Knox uses Ernie Ball’s Instrument Care package to keep their instruments in good shape for the band. Their emotionally dynamic set is quintessentially Warped Tour.



State Champs

The boys in State Champs brought their A-game to the main stage this summer. Having Alex from All Time Low guest vocal in Ventura, and pumping up back to back Sold Out crowds in Mountain View and Ventura California.



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