Unless you’ve been living under a complete non-musical rock for the last 10 years, chances are you have heard of Pennsylvania’s rockers, Halestorm. But in the off chances, you have lived that sheltered life, let us introduce you!

The quartet is fronted by vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Lzzy Hale, her brother Arejay on drums, Joe Hottinger on lead guitar, and Josh Smith on bass. The brother/sister duo formed their band and was writing original music since 1997 when they were 10 and 13 years old, but it wasn’t until their official formation of Halestorm and their signing with Atlantic Record in 2005, that things really hit the big time. Their debut self-titled album arrived in 2009 and peaked at #40 on the Billboard 200 and the band was already hitting the cover of Revolver Magazine as well as hitting the road with bands like Seether, Staind, Avenged Sevenfold and more. As the band progressed, added more albums to their resume and countless tour dates. Their second full-length, The Strange Case Of…, arrived in 2012 which held the track, “Love Bites…(So Do I).” The tune won a Grammy in the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Group, becoming the first female-fronted band to be nominated and win in that category. From there, the band kept going up.

It goes without saying that the group has risen to the top for their musicianship and work ethic, but the powerful vocals, lyrical content and all-around positive and good-heartedness that is Lzzy Hale, solidifies why Halestorm have captured the rock and metal scenes. Although Lzzy has kept a firm foot in reality, it hasn’t been without difficulty to just play her music and ignore everyone else. 

My biggest piece of advice for being a female, or any gender, is to pride yourself in not paying any mind to what people think about what you do. They could hate me or love me. The only thing that matters is what you think of you. For women, we get a lot of pressure. “She changed her hair,” or “she’s getting bigger,” or “she’s too thin.” We get judged harder. Until all that evens out, don’t let that seep into what you’re doing. The end goal is to continue down that road.

Lzzy Hale to Consequence of Sound

While Halestorm waits out the COVID-19 pandemic that has crushed the music industry, they have been recording a covers EP titled Reimagined, dropping August 14th. They also began the Roadiestrong Campaign, in hopes of supporting those affected in the music industry which you can read about here.

Halestorm play Paradigm Skinny Top Heavy Bottom, Medium Nickel Wound 13-56 electric strings, Paradigm Medium Light Phosphor Bronze acoustic strings, Super Slinky, and Power Slinky 5 bass strings.

For more Halestorm content, check out Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger’s String Theory video below as well as the Striking A Chord Podscast Episode with Joe here.


Brian Fallon

Although most people know the band The Gaslight Anthem, singer and guitarist Brian Fallon has been carrying the musical torch beyond the New Jersey punkers even beyond their 2015 hiatus. 

Fallon has been surrounded by music since childhood and was releasing his own music since he was a teenager including his first un-official/official EP, Cincinnati Rail Tie, in 2004 which included his mother (who was in a folk band in the 60s) providing backing vocals. 

Although he had a few smaller groups over the years, he had the most success with The Gaslight Anthem in 2006, leading to five studio albums, world tours, and even a guest singing spot live with Mr. New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen (if you can’t hear the inspiration there, you may be hard of hearing…). But after gaining ground in popularity, Fallon was burnt out and wanted to slow down a bit.

Now on his third official solo effort, Local Honey, which arrived in March 2020, Fallon really dug into his current life in a more singer-songwriter style. Exploring themes about fatherhood, balancing love with obsession, and overall adulthood. Although the change of pace surprises the die-hard punk lovers, Fallon feels natural with his progression.

It was always there, but now it’s coming out. You evolve as a person. I certainly don’t think that I missed my calling when I was doing Gaslight, though; that was exactly where I should have been at that time. I think that when some people get to where I’m at right now, they’re so critical of what they did previously, and it’s like they almost want everyone to forget it. In a way, I’ve probably done that before, too. But I’m at a place where I like them both.

Brian Fallon to Kerrang!

For now, Fallon is supporting his new record with live sessions on his social media pages while he waits to tour another day.

Brian Fallon uses Power Slinky, Regular Slinky and the new Primo Slinky electric strings and Earthwood Light Phosphor Bronze acoustic strings to create his signature sound.



Just because you’re a punk rock band, doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have mega riffage. Propagandhi is your proof of that.

The Canadian rockers formed in 1986 under the idea they wanted to form a “progressive thrash band.” Fast forward to 1992, and the band had tailored their sound a bit more to the skate punk side of their scene. After playing a show with NOFX, frontman and bassist Fat Mike signed Propagandhi to his label, Fat Wreck Chords, and they released their first full-length, How To Clean Everything. As the band continued to tour and write, their view on politics, economics, and animal rights. Just take a look at their tracklists with song titles like “The Only Good Fascist Is a Very Dead Fascist,” “Cop Just Out of Frame,” and “Bullshit Politicians.”

One of the most interesting things about the band is their move from skate punk to fast mega riffs, not quite metal, not quite thrash, and not quite punk, but all catchy as hell with powerful vocals and lyrics courtesy of Chris Hannah. When speaking about their musical shift over the years, Hannah said;

It wasn’t planned, it’s more just us getting better at our instruments. I think even on our early records you could hear Metallica influences and you could probably tell that the band was just not capable of pulling it off. In 1993 to 1996 we couldn’t pull off what we’re doing now because we just didn’t know how to play it. We got better over the years; we’ve gotten closer and closer to the original vision of the band. Nothing conscious, just an evolution of skill through perseverance.

Chris Hannah to Heavy Mag

The band released their latest effort, Victory Lap, in 2017 via Epitaph records and have been touring to support it since.

Propagandhi use Regular Slinky and Custom 11-52 electric guitar strings, Regular Slinky bass strings.


Tarah Who?

Power duo Tarah Who? bring a modern take from the 1990’s alt-rock playbook, combining edgy grunge riffs with driving groove and a direct approach. Led by guitarist/vocalist Tarah Carpenter, the frontwoman unites explosive emotional conviction with motivating anthemic songwriting. The band’s work ethic and drive have generated buzz from various music outlets and specifically the ear of Alanis Morissette’s guitarist Jason Orme, who co-produced and played guitar alongside Tarah on the EP Middle Child Syndrome. Be on the lookout as Jason will be on Tarah Who?’s next release titled 64’ Women. With a kindred connection between rhythm and alt groove, Tarah Who? is a group to keep tabs on as they continue to grow their fanbase. Their dynamic ability to write heavy songs but also beautiful rebellious ballads makes for an entertaining listen, recommended for fans of Ernie Ball family members,The Distillers or any lover of 90’s influenced alt. Check out the live Kurukulla Session of the song “In A Rush” above.

Don’t take every situation so seriously. You’re wasting your time and energy. Focus on the good: your needs and loving each other. Don’t waste your time comparing yourself or your life with other peoples’. Focus on being you.

Tarah to Vocal Media

Keep up with the latest from Tarah Who? on their website and make sure to listen to their expressive tracks below.

Tarah Who? creates their signature sound with Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky electric guitar strings.



Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Ernie Ball would like to welcome AVOID to the family. 

AVOID is a unique hard rock five-piece band quickly kicking radio waves on Octane XM. The band began creating a buzz with their live wire show performances and experimental approach. Combining a cocktail of grungy, metal, and pop production with the heavy rock, it’s colorful quirky approach showcases individuality that takes the music up a notch with breakdowns, headbanging, ripping riffs, and screaming bridges leading to sing-along choruses. AVOID has something for everyone and has created fandom garnering 1.5 Million streams on their debut album ALONE on Revival Recordings. The self-titled album also reached the Billboard Heatseekers Pacific Chart.

With a new release on the horizon titled, The Burner, the band has secured two new tracks on the video game NASCAR Heat 5, and the band’s own car wrap. Be on the lookout for the rising young band as they pave their way in the music scene. Check out their new music video above for the single “Song About James”.

AVOID uses Ernie Ball Power Slinky and Mammoth Slinky electric guitar strings and Beefy Slinky bass strings to craft the tone for their music.


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