Mrs. Smith

A New York city based philanthropist, emerging guitar goddess, lover of all cats (and some people)… although Mrs. Smith is a made up alter ego of actor and musician David Hanbury, what is not fake, is Mrs. Smith‘s incredible shredding and technique on the guitar. Between crazy dive bombs and quick finger tapping, Mrs. Smith emulates the out of this world talent like her heroes Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen while simultaneously immersed into a cat-loving comedy of a Upper East Side socialite, inspired by Grey Gardens that will tell you her life story at the drop of a hat. Combining unique wit with raw talent, she brings shredding to the forefront again with a less serious approach.

Mrs. Smith made music world news when she claimed she abused the Wah Pedal more than Metallica’s own Kirk Hammett, in which Kirk gladly accepted the challenge to a “Wah Off”. Check out the video above. 

She’s a woman on the verge and she’s expressing it through this style of music because it makes sense to her.

Rolling Stone

Keep in touch with Mrs. Smith on her website here and make sure to listen to her tunes below.

Mrs. Smith rips with Ernie Ball Paradigm Super Slinky electric guitar strings.

Matt Costa

California’s own Matt Costa is a singer/songwriter who combines influences of 60’s folk, 70’s AM Pop, and 80’s college rock. From the beginning, Matt’s debut LP caught the attention of Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records where he would release his first four albums. Finding a sound of his own, Matt Costa’s music had several songs licensed for film and television including the award winning documentary Orange Sunshine in 2016 about the infamous LSD suppliers, The Brotherhood of Love.

Born in Huntington Beach, CA, Matt’s first love was skateboarding, but after a serious injury when he was 18, Costa refocused his energy into music. Tom Dumont of No Doubt, who liked one of Matt’s early demos helped produce his first independent records, Matt Costa EP, and The Elasmosaurus. One of the Dumont productions, Unfamiliar Faces made Billboard’s 200 charts reaching number 59. Now signed with Dangerbird Records, Matt prepares to release his latest record titled, Yellow Coat. Check out the music video above for his single, “Avenal”.

Songs evolve as you’re writing them..All of our own stories evolve and art is a great platform for that evolution. It’s good for us to come back and reflect on things throughout our lives, and we can hear a song that will take us back to a place, or maybe we’ll look at it differently with a new perspective.

Matt Costa tp East of 8th

Keep up with the latest on Matt Costa on his website here and make sure to listen to his latest tracks below.

Matt Costa transports you with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky electric guitar strings, Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Medium, Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Light, Earthwood 12-string Light acoustic strings, and Ernesto Palla Black and Silver Nylon classical guitar strings.

Ken Susi of Unearth

It’s pretty impossible to talk about the metalcore scene and not mention one of the bands that started it all Unearth. Since 1998, this band has been serving up an onslaught blend of metal riffs, heavy breakdowns and circle pits. And helping lead the charge from day one, is guitarist Ken Susi.

Although the band has gone through a handful of changes in its 22+ year history, vocalist Trevor Phipps, lead guitarist Buz McGrath, and rhythm guitarist Ken Susi have been holding it together the whole time. Originally formed in Boston, Massachusetts, the band chose the name Unearth in honor of their attempt to “Unearth” a new sound in the metal and hardcore world.

After a few EPs, the band found themselves on Eulogy Recordings for their first full-length album, The Strings of Conscience, pushing them firmly into their place as early pioneers for the new metalcore movement alongside bands like As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, Shai Hulud and more, and fans dug it.

Harnessing the punishing groove of Pantera, the melodic majesty of the New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal, the fist-pumping anthemic power of traditional metal and the gritty realness of early ‘90s Metalcore and Noisecore, Unearth offers a unique take on what was already a thrilling recipe.

Ken Susi Unofficial Bio

With Susi referencing influences like Paul Gilbert, Iron Maiden, Steve Vai, Pantera and Metallica, it’s no wonder guitar riffage is a big focus for Unearth. They easily slide from the heaviest riff to searing solos, all while maintaining that hardcore energy for the crowd. Now with 7 full-length albums under their belt, multiple EPs and singles, the band is not planning on calling it quits anytime soon as Susi & Co. continues to inspire guitarists around the world to not only play heavy, but play well.

Make sure to listen to the latest from Unearth below and follow up with them on their website.

Unearth uses custom gauge Paradigm Super Slinky electric guitar strings and Beefy Slinky bass strings.


Relapse Records is best known for cranking out albums by grindcore, metal, sludge, and all-around heavy bands. And then there is the band, Nothing. Nothing was formed by lead vocalist and guitar player, Dominic Palermo, as a form of therapy following his previous life in the hardcore punk world with his band, Horror Show. After a street fight gone bad, Palermo landed in jail for 2 years for stabbing a man in defense which ultimately put all of his music endeavors on hold. Once out, Palermo decided to shift away from the hardcore world and began making music on his own under the name, Nothing. Once those demos surfaced, demand grew enough to hear and see more, that Palermo formed a permanent band and recorded EPs and eventually, albums after signing with Relapse Records.

The history and label would lead you to believe that Nothing lives the life of a hardcore, sludge or even metal band, but they lean more towards the shoegaze genre with dreamlike melodies and low tuned, fuzzed out guitars. Creating a sort of an “adult hardcore” if you will.

Amidst his stint in prison, some bad luck with label scandals, and gang related beatdowns, Palermo and his band Nothing are still persevering forward with their latest album, Dance on the Blacktop, which received positive reviews and reception.With all of life’s stories and hardships in mind, Palermo truly uses his band as a fresh outlook on life and a catalyst for change.

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment it happened… but I just stopped; I stopped everything. I slowly became more infatuated with creating music again, and not letting myself fall into this trap that seemed to be laid out for me. Instead I realized that I had other options.

Dominic Palermo to Huck Magazine

For now, the band waits to return to the road but continues to record more music. Keep up with them on their website, and make sure to listen to Nothing below.

Nothing uses Regular M-Steel and Power Slinky electric guitar strings and Regular Slinky bass strings to create their signature sound.

Hot Mulligan

Taking cues from bands like Tigers Jaw, Taking Back Sunday, and The Wonder Years, Michigan’s Hot Mulligan wear their energized emo/pop punk influences firmly on their sleeves. Since 2014, this five piece has been serving up songs about vulnerability in a seemingly unforgiving, inflexible society, trying to find ways to “grow up,” and life post-college, all amidst the backdrop of their upbeat, pop-punk melodies and guitar work that goes beyond the basic bar chord.  

Musically, there has been a growing trend in the pop punk and indie rock world of guitarists really starting to explore melody riffs along with rhythm guitar lines, creating a layered attack of sound which Hot Mulligan has dug in to, especially on their faster songs. The band released a new effort, You’ll Be Fine, in March 2020 via No Sleep Records including the single “Equip Sunglasses” which is featured above. The track encapsulates the band well with vocalist Nathan Sanville floating between melodic flow to occasional guttural yelling and the band’s upbeat-pop drive.

Having a lot of eyes on you is scary. How is it not scary to have a lot of eyes on you? One of the more common fears is public speaking. There’s a lot of pressure to fuck up, and a lot of people want to see you fuck up. When I’m onstage, I can quit caring as much and do what I’ve been practicing. When I’m not onstage, I have no idea what to do. This song doesn’t relate to overcoming that onstage.

Nathan Sanville to Alt Press

For now, the band waits to be able to tour again and support their new record, but in the meantime, check out the tracks below and see more videos here.

Hot Mulligan plays Paradigm Power Slinky electric guitar strings and Hybrid Slinky bass strings.

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