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Surrealism hugs experimental sonic arrangements to form the sound of Crumb. Hailing from Brooklyn. The group relied heavily on their individual strengths to grow and achieve cohesion in their consistent growth. Led by songwriting frontwoman Lila Ramani, Crumb banked on Bri Aronow’s skills at creating atmospheric soundscapes, Jonathan Gilads, earth grounding drums, and Jesse Brotter’s pulsing bass and working with producer Jonathon Rado in LA. All efforts contribute to creating the dream-like, always shifting sound of the band. On Crumb’s latest album titled Ice Melt, Crumb continues to evolve and push themselves to new dimensions as they evolve their unique head-nodding music into energetic euphoria.

Watch:BNR” official music video.

Sounds Like: No Vacation, Post Animal, Mild High Club

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Gear: Ernie Ball Regular Slinky electric guitar strings and Regular Bass Slinkys. Lila also plays an Ernie Ball Music ManSt. Vincent signature guitar.  

Kenneth Brian

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Since his first album release in 2002, the Virginia-born, Florida-raised, and Los Angeles dwelling Kenneth Brian has been spreading his modern Southern Rock and Americana infused style music. Filled with timeless song-craft, layered with gritty vocals and guitar prowess which has helped earn him a loyal fan following and the respect of fellow musicians. With mentors like Billy Gibbons and Lucinda Williams, it’s no wonder Kenneth performs with both skill and soul emanating from his guitar and vocals on every song. Check out the slide solo on his track “Beautiful Storm” for a little taste of that free-float between anthem and rock. Cutting his teeth on the road alongside artists like Lucinda Williams and has played shows with ZZ Top, Blackberry Smoke, and more. His latest release, With Lions, was recorded with David Bianco at the producing helm, known for working with artists like Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Lucinda Williams. Kenneth Brian and his band caught our ear at the Malibu Guitar show a few years back and have been proud to call him an Ernie Ball player ever since. 

Sounds Like: Drive-By Truckers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Outlaws

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Gear: Custom Nickel Wound 13-56 electric guitar strings.

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What happens when two YouTubers combine forces on a project? Well, they redefine the rules and what is expected from a band and the genre of modern metal as a whole of course. In walks, Terimina. A project of self-producing content masters, Andy Cizek and Nik Nocturnal, started out their collaboration of fun, covering metal versions of hits like Post Malone’s “Rockstar” which garnered near 3 million views, has bloomed into a mastery class of sub-genre metal, combining elements of djent, deathcore, and metalcore. Andy’s versatility of scream-singing into anthemic choruses plays off Nik’s relentless brutal riffs and creates a refreshing approach to progressive metal keeping a pop sensibility. The newest record Dysphoria has dropped this month, watch the latest music video for their single “The Edge of Time” from the new album below.

Watch: “The Edge of Time” official music video.

Sounds Like: Monuments, PURGE, Depressant

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Gear: Ernie Ball Paradigm Skinny Top Heavy Bottom 7 String, and our Prodigy guitar picks. Nik Nocturnal plays an Ernie Ball Music ManJP6 and JP7 guitar.

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