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Raw U.K duo Slaves were formed in 2013 in leafy Maidstone, Kent by guitarist Laurie Vincent and drummer Isaac Holman. With a straightforward approach of stripped-down drums played standing up and direct riff after riff, the pair share vocal duties with harsh, vicious uniquely British sound inspired by bands such as Crass, Refused, and Joy Division. Earning the respect of a loyal fan base by gigging their brains out, shocking and awing audiences and promoters with their punk sonic assault, the band grew in popularity and hype after their debut full length Are You Satisfied?. Slaves (UK) followed it up the next year with their record Take Control which featured contributions from the legendary Beastie Boy Mike D. The band’s most recent work Acts Of Fear And Love, hit number 8 on the UK album charts and featured the band’s signature angsty approach with singles such as “Bug” which you can watch below. 

Watch: “Bug” official music video.

Sounds Like: The Blinders, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Royal Blood

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Stellar Circuits

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Stellar Circuits formed in 2015 with the idea of creating progressively-minded music that resonates with the masses. The name “Stellar Circuits” is derived from the eight-circuit model of consciousness, a theory proposed in the 1970s about expanding consciousness and understanding the process of our mind as it pertains to existentialism. Although the music revolves heavily around introspection and self-reflection, this is also coupled with the importance of aesthetics and groove. Creating music both intellectual and visceral, Stellar Circuits is nothing short of a vehicle – transporting the listener to places both chaotic and cathartic. Check out their official video for “Go With Your Ghost” below and catch them at RockFest in Cadot, WI soon!

Watch: Official music video for “Go With Your Ghost

Sounds Like: Nine Inch Nails, and Bring Me The Horizon, with a crossover EDM style/twist.

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East of June

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Despite their intended premise, online dating apps aren’t always conduits for meaningful personal connections. But when East of June co-founder Kyle Mortensen came across Emily Rath’s musical portfolio via her profile on the dating app Bumble, he decided to bypass the idea of asking for a date and instead inquired about musical collaboration. The timing was fortuitous: Mortensen was separately asking his long-time friend Dirk Lance (a founding member of Incubus who co-wrote and performed on the band’s biggest albums, including S.C.I.E.N.C.E., Make Yourself, and Morning View) for feedback on the music he had been working on. While early singles from East of June including “Rebel” and “I Can’t Feel It” were characterized by their semi-electronic sonics, the material on “Omens & Signs” explores a more organic landscape with the focus placed on live instruments and lush vocal arrangements. Lance’s philosophy takes shape in the eclectic musical journey that is the five songs on “Omens & Signs”. Rath digs deep to exorcise her demons involving past trauma and self-doubt while exploring the simple joys of changing her perspective on what true happiness looks like through the prism of embracing her own authenticity. It helps that each member also brings different strengths and backgrounds to the band. During his work with Incubus, Lance co-wrote and performed on the band’s biggest hits, including “Drive,” “Pardon Me” and “Wish You Were Here,” and spent the last decade on a passion project called Willie’s Nerve Clinic. 

Watch: Rebel” Live at EastWest Studios Ft. Dan Estrin of Hoobastank

Sounds Like: Halsey, The Beatles, Feist

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