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We wouldn’t call Nonpoint the new kids to the American metal/rock scene, but they have managed to keep their energy and heavy-hitting tracks at the forefront since 1997. Developed in the South Florida scene of alt-rock, Nonpoint quickly became a known force in the genre, touring with bands like Drowning Pool, Taproot, Hed PE, and more. By 2001, their debut album entered the Billboard 200 charts including their track “What a Day” peaking at #24 on the Mainstream Rock charts. Now, with 10 studio albums under their belt, thousands of shows, and the world-toured multiple times, Nonpoint has developed a true identity of blending heavy hardcore, metal, groove, R&B, and even rap elements, to stay pioneers in the genre.

Sounds Like: Taproot, Sevendust, Mudvayne

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Gear: Not Even Slinky, Custom 12-60 Gauge electric strings, Earthwood Phosphor Bronze 12-54 acoustic guitar strings, Cobalt Slinky Flatwound 45-130 bass strings.

Rodrick “Duke The Guitarist” Robinson

Get To Know: Multi-genre talent “Duke the Guitarist“, Rodrick Robinson brings his own flavor to the forefront mixing country fingerpicking to funky rhythms, tasteful hooks, and soulful leads. Robinson has worked with NBC’s The Voice 2018 contestant Kirk Jay, a country artist that placed 3rd which moved him out of the bar circuit in Alabama to larger venues, and with the finalist MaKenzie Thomas on her 2019 record Hym. Robinson also holds it down with a new project in Memphis called Falsely Motivated. Landing gigs with performers like Teddy Gentry of Alabama and R&B soul singer Freddie Jackson, Robinson’s style and versatility to play anything from funk, hip-hop to country makes him continue to shine.

Sounds Like: Nile Rodgers, B.B. King, meets Soulful Pickup Jazz

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Gender Roles

Get To Know: Hailing from Brighton England, Gender Roles is a three-piece outfit that likes to dance that line of indie, punk, a little garage rock, and a slight twang at times. Slamming together massively hook-filled choruses, fuzzed-out guitars, and vocal delivery that seems to keep the energy up without tipping over the top. The trio had a few EP/Singles out, but it was their 2019 album PRANG that really caught our ears at Ernie Ball, especially when those occasional mega guitar riffage moments kicked into their dynamics. The band also recently released a new single in February 2021, showcasing that the band is keeping up the chops, even with the lack of touring and shows in 2020. 

Sounds Like: PUP, Sorority Noise, Rozwell Kid, Oso Oso

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