Twin Tribes

Twin Tribes is a darkwave band formed in 2017 in Brownsville, Texas, consisting of Luis Navarro and Joel Niño, Jr. Their tone is characteristic of 80s post-punk with elements of atmospheric synths, driving basslines, and haunting vocals

In addition to their studio albums, Twin Tribes has also released several EPs and singles since their debut. Their music has garnered critical acclaim from outlets such as and Bandcamp Daily, and they have been featured in various music festivals around the world. They will be performing at Cruel World festival amongst Iggy Pop, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Gary Newman this May.

Watch: Official music video for “Heart & Feather

Sounds Like: The Cure, Joy Division, and Depeche Mode

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Rarity is a Canadian post-hardcore band from Hamilton, Ontario. They draw influences from a variety of genres, including post-hardcore, alternative rock, and emo. Their lyrics often deal with themes of personal struggles, self-discovery, and relationships.

The band has also toured extensively, performing at venues and festivals across North America and Europe. Rarity has established themselves as a prominent force in the post-hardcore scene.

Watch: Official music video for “Leave it Alone

Sounds Like: Underoath, Thrice, and The Used

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Sunami is bringing the genre of hardcore back to its roots. With a sound characterized by aggressive vocals, speedy riffs, and anti-authority messages, the California band is reviving the traditional values of the hardcore scene and making a name for themselves. 

As genre-fusing experimentation dominates hardcore bands and steers artists towards mainstream instrumentation, Sunami’s charged vocals with rage-fueled lyrics are a breath of fresh air for fans. Their signature sound, along with their representation of California’s street culture, is an ode to the San Jose scene. They are currently headlining a full US tour. See dates here.

Watch: Live performance at Art Sanctuary.

Sounds Like: Gulch, Drain, Jesus Piece.

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