Independent music is known for the do-it-yourself approach when it comes to recording and producing. Some of our favorite String Theory films feature our cherished “indie” musicians who in our opinion, have set trends in the industry that go beyond influencing the geeks on guitar culture, DIY, and social media. Each featured artist has their own unique take on music and on-stage quirks, they’ve set trends in the fashion community, and most of all, they’ve paved the way for it to be cool to be different. Find out which artists made our list for the Top Indie Trendsetters.

Courtney Barnett

Playing live ends up being energizing and exciting. Trying new stuff live and knowing it could totally fall apart… that’s kind of fun when you pull it off.

Courtney Barnett plays Regular Slinky and Regular Slinky Paradigm electric guitar strings.

Mac DeMarco

Do you, let it fly, keep it real, and enjoy yourself. If you ain’t trying to be something then just be yourself, and that’s you, that’s who you are and God bless it!

Mac DeMarco plays Power Slinky electric guitar strings.

Kurt Vile

Coming up with a new song or new riffs, being that it’s what moves me as if I’m listening to someone else’s record, it just gets me. It’s all the same, it’s in my blood.

Kurt Vile plays Ernie Ball’s Paradigm Power Slinky, Paradigm Regular Slinky electric guitar strings and Earthwood Medium Light Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings.

J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.)

I just found by playing the guitar louder, you can get some air moving and it hits your body and impacts you somehow. So I’ve always worn earplugs since the beginning too, ’cause I wanted it to affect my body and not just hear it, you know?

J Mascis RPS Regular Slinky, RPS Super Slinky, and RPS Power Slinky electric guitar strings. He also uses Paradigm Medium Light Phosphor Bronze acoustic guitar strings.

Bobb Bruno (Best Coast)

It’s always going to be a life-long exploration about finding different sounds, finding different ways of playing that interest me…it’s my life.

Bobb Bruno plays Ernie Ball Paradigm Regular Slinky, Paradigm Skinny Top Heavy Bottom, and 6-string Baritone guitar strings.

We’ve also recorded an episode of our Ernie Ball: Striking A Chord podcast featuring Bobb and his Best Coast counterpart, Bethany Cosentino. Listen here.

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