“Biggest Cry Baby” is a title that few have the nerve to seek. Metallica legend, Kirk Hammett, has remained atop the throne of the world’s number one wah-wah user until earlier this week. After a full-on, mono e mono wah-off, a new challenger has usurped the throne: Mrs. Smith.

This epic battle had been a long time coming. After Mrs. Smith issued a challenge in an interview with Mark Agnesi, Hammett was quick to fire back.

Challenge received and accepted. @markagnesi @smithcatmrs 🖤🎸🖤 #wahoff

Kirk Hammett, via Instagram

The battle took place on Sunday, March 8th in Columbia, South Carolina. With Agnesi officially moderating the bout, the crowd erupted as Hammett stood atop his giant cry-baby-shaped throne.

The back-and-forth wah shredding lasted for over six minutes, with both players trading increasingly intense riffs. In the war of attrition, Hammett eventually stood down, unable to top Mrs. Smith any longer. The upset victory put her on top, making her the official wah master.

You can check out the best of both Mrs. Smith’s and Hammett’s wah-filled goodness down below.


Kirk Hammett plays Ernie Ball Paradigm Regular Slinky.

Mrs. Smith plays Ernie Ball Paradigm Super Slinky.


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