Rock powerhouse Muse released their newest album, Simulation Theory, on November 9th. The album continues Muse’s path to conquest new guitar-synth leads and electrifying symphonic compositions. Muse is one of the most innovative bands on the planet, consistently delivering incomparable listening and live experiences for fans. Simulation Theory further cements the group’s commitment to thinking outside the box, with a sci-fi theme that has outstanding aesthetic appeal. The album features Muse’s iconic synthesized tones, however Simulation Theory also incorporates various new sonic elements for the band, that pair brilliantly with the sci-fi theme. Their videos are excellently produced and star actors such as Terry Crews, Chance Michael, and Julia Robinson. Check out the video for their single, “Pressure” below.


Fans that pre-ordered Simulation Theory also received early access to their world tour tickets. You don’t have to look any further than the music videos they have released, such as Pressure, Thought Contagion, and The Dark Side, to see the influence of movies like Tron and Back to the Future, which have translated into fantasy driven videos and out-of-this-world tones, marked by a clear homage to 1980’s sci-fi. If the music videos are any indication of what Muse’s upcoming tour will be like, fans should expect nothing less than a visual and musical spectacle.

Muse play Power SlinkysParadigm 80/20 Medium-Light Acoustic Strings, and Bass Hybrid Slinkys to achieve their unique tone.

** Featured Image Courtesy of Radio X

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