Muse has been circulating whispers of their upcoming album, Simulation Theory. The album is expected to be released on November 9th. The technically-amused band has created a very sci-fi theme in new track “The Dark Side.” The Official Music Video was released on August 30th and features an insane amount of neon visual effects and lead-singer and Ernie Ball artist Matt Bellamy driving a red sports car at aggressive giant skeletons.

By looking at the artwork for the new album, you can tell that there is some heavy influence from sci-fi films like Star Wars. So far, the band has released four songs from the upcoming album: “The Dark Side,” “Something Human,” “Thought Contagion,” and “Dig Down.” Check them all out in the Spotify playlist at the bottom of this post. Fans can expect the album to include synthesized guitar tones that seem to be becoming a staple for the British rock stars.


Muse play Power Slinkys, Paradigm 80/20 Medium-Light Acoustic Strings, and Bass Hybrid Slinkys to achieve their unique tone.

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