Last Friday, living legend Paul McCartney released two new songs, “Home Tonight” and “In A Hurry.”

The classic sound that he brought to both The Beatles and Wings is unmistakable on these tracks, giving them a familiar sound that nestles these songs perfectly into his already-expansive discography.

These two tracks were recorded at the same time as McCartney‘s most recent album, Egypt Station, during the Greg Kurstin sessions. They will be releasing a special 7-inch picture disc for Record Store Day’s Black Friday at the end of this week.

I’ve got a great team, and my main thing is: Let’s try and keep it exciting.

Paul McCartney, Billboard

Paul McCartney was also recently announced to be headlining 2020’s Glastonbury Festival. To see him live, check out tour dates on his official website.

You can check out the latest tracks from Paul McCartney, “Home Tonight” and “In A Hurry” below.



Paul McCartney plays Ernie Ball Super Slinkys.


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