The Pennsylvania native indie punk duo, Tigers Jaw, has just revealed an EP containing b-sides from their 2017 album, Spin.

The release spans four songs, two of them being acoustic versions of tracks from Spin. The other two tracks share the same name as the release, “Eyes Shut” — both a studio version and an acoustic version are on the EP.


The titular track, Eyes Shut, has the classic Tigers Jaw sound: swelling guitars with passionate vocals, all tainted with the slight tinge of nostalgia. The lyric video — as seen above — plays upon that melancholic feeling with its compilation of VHS footage that makes you feel as if you’re watching the home tape of your distant relative that you’ve just dug out of their closet.

The EP is releasing preceding a large Tigers Jaw tour that they are embarking on with fellow Ernie Ball bands The Menzingers and Culture Abuse. You can check out their tour dates and get ticket information at the Tigers Jaw official website.


Tigers Jaw use Ernie Ball Power Slinky and Regular Slinky strings on guitar. On bass, they use Regular Slinky bass strings.

Listen to Eyes Shut by Tigers Jaw


Photo courtesy of Oliver Broadbent | Discovered Magazine

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