Ernie Ball artist Weezer released another self-titled, color-coded album, this one dubbed the Black Album. The band’s 12th studio album gifts fans with 10 new California-rock inspired songs, just one month after releasing the Teal Album.

Prior to the album release, Weezer took another comic play in their latest music video for “High as a Kite.” Mimicking the classic “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” lead singer Rivers Cuomo embodies Fred Rogers in the band’s dark narrative being performed to onlooking children and parents. The lyrics of “High as a Kite” perfectly fit  this storyline as the song starts with a melodic sing-song tune that quickly turns dreary.



Weezer’s new album is officially available in stores and on streaming services today. The band is expected to hit the road with the Pixies for an arena tour this spring.

Spring 2019 Tour Dates


The band plays Regular Slinky Guitar and Hybrid Bass strings.

Listen to Weezer’s Black Album


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