This week’s Follow Friday is starting off with another welcome to the Ernie Ball Family for the psychedelic Boston rockers, Crumb! After dropping two EPs — their discography totaling just seven songs — Crumb made waves among modern psychedelia fans for their unique approach to songwriting and their silky smooth sound. Now, they have their first full-length album out: Jinx.

 I think all our sounds are very associated with different textures, but its not like theres an overall one. Whatever the chords are plus how the sounds are meshing together is very much a texture or mood or atmosphere, however you wanna use those words interchangeably. Some are muddier and stickier, like they trap you in, and some are more floaty like clouds and snow. But I think we really like to play with the textures.

Brian Aronow, KCPR

Crumb‘s songwriting is unique; they value quality over quantity. Each individual song is distinct, whether you’re spacing out to Aronow’s droning synthesizers or bobbing your head to the viscous flow of a Lila Ramani guitar solo. If you want to see Crumb live, be sure to head to their official website for tickets.

Crumb gets spacey with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky and Regular Slinky Bass strings.

Tune in to the best of Crumb below.

(Sandy) Alex G

It is not often that singer-songwriters come along and stir up a cult following of devotees; (Sandy) Alex G is one of them. His discography is prolific for his age, as if he cannot help but write infectiously creative songs. He can do it all: from ’90s alternative rock (“Kicker”), to country (“Bobby”), to abrasive noise (“Brick”), indie pop (“Sarah”), or even jazz (“Waiting For You”). But, he’s far from trying too hard; in fact, he’s a natural.

Usually my subconscious is a lot more insightful than my conscious brain. Whenever I write, I’m just trying to get at some core things that I feel, letting my subconscious do the work. I’m not trying to connect the dots, I’m just trying to present the dots. I’m just trying to get at what I’m feeling in some way and use language to express some kind of truth about what those feelings are, what my existential bullsh*t is. 

Alex Giannascoli, Huckmag

His latest album, House Of Sugar, sees (Sandy) Alex G explore the depths of his musical range, giving a little taste of his various sonic styles. He takes requests at his live shows, so if you want to hear your favorite track in person, head to his official website for more information.

(Sandy) Alex G jams on Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys and Earthwood 80/20 Mediums.

Explore the world of (Sandy) Alex G down below.

Boyce Avenue

In 2004, the three Manzano brothers combined their musical prowess to form the American pop trio, Boyce Avenue. Their intimate, clean, acoustic sound is perfect for their vast series of covers that have exploded in popularity on YouTube. Not only are they known for their pared-down versions of pop hits, but their originals erupt with the sounds of joy on tracks like “Be Somebody.”

The sense of humor, the flow, the love — it’s always there. A big part of any relationship, whether it’s in the workplace or not, is trust. Having trust that this person is going to be there for you and that this person is going to understand your passion. That has just been built into us since we were little kids.

Alejandro Manzano, Albawaba

In 2020, Boyce Avenue has already started strong with their fifth installment of their full-length cover albums. This edition features classics like “Unchained Melody” and “Bitter Sweet Symphony,” as well as smash hits like “Umbrella,” “No Air,” and “How To Save a Life.” Take a listen below, or hear them live by getting tickets through their official website.

Boyce Avenue uses Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Super Sport guitars with Regular Slinkys.

Reece Malone

The 16-year-old Reece Malone is the reason the word “prodigy” exists. Though he is from Longview, Texas, he has been cutting his teeth all across the nation, shredding on the guitar at various events. He’s got the chops to stand up with any blues or rock ‘n’ roll players of today’s intensely competitive guitar world.

Reece Malone has been playing guitar since he was five. His influences are Lance Lopez, Jeff Beck, Eric Gales, Philip Sayce, Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Paul Gillbert, Andy Timmons & Albert King! 

Brotherhood Of The Guitar Official Bio

Malone has been featured at the All-Star Jam, Madison Square Garden, the Dallas International Guitar Festival, and even America’s Got Talent. He is a rising star worth keeping an eye on. You can keep up to date with Reece Malone on his official webpage.

Reece Malone shreds with Ernie Ball Slinky guitar strings.

August Zadra

August Zadra is a talented guitarist who can rip it up on stage. He’s been playing with Dennis DeYoung for the past decade, shredding lead guitar riffs and belting vocals, too. You can spot him and his classic licks that he plays on his trusty Ernie Ball Music Man Axis jamming Dennis DeYoung and Styx hits on stage.

I grew up in Alaska and as a young teenager was very fixated on playing baseball. I wound up hurting my arm, though, and couldn’t pitch anymore. That’s when I started playing guitar. I remember I used to go out into the garage in 40-below weather with nothing more than a space heater, record player and amp and would spend four to eight hours a day, every day, practicing.

August Zadra, Guitar World

If you want to hear him tear up the classics with his lightning-fast skills, you can catch him on stage with Dennis DeYoung. Check out their official webpage to look for tour dates, and listen to their tunes down below.

August Zadra melts Ernie Ball Super Slinky Cobalts and Paradigm Phosphor Bronze Mediums.

Hear August Zadra alongside DeYoung down below.

Featured Image Credit: Salim Garcia

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