The Paranoyds


We’re kicking off this Follow Friday with a warm welcome to the latest addition to the Ernie Ball family: The Paranoyds! This Los Angeles-based four piece has a sound that is self-described as “punk wing dong gaze porn pop cop chop proto shoes progs clogs hogs fuzzy wuzzy soaked hugs and slugs.” In simpler terms, the group makes light-hearted garage rock with a dash of varying influences.

Los Angeles punk quartet The Paranoyds channel revelry and revulsion into their debut album Carnage Bargain — a raucous blend of garage rock grit, new wave swagger, horror film soundtrack campiness, and a myriad of other influences.

The Paranoyds, Bandcamp

Though the members of the band have known each other since grade school, the band has been steadily releasing DIY EPs on Bandcamp. Their most recent release, as stated above, is their debut album, spanning 10 tracks with ample variety and a hyperactive sound.

The Paranoyds depend on Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom stringsRegular Slinky Classic Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Ultra Slinkys on electric guitar. On bass, they use Regular Slinky Flatwound bass strings.

Get your feet moving with the top tracks by The Paranoyds below.



Hailing from Austrailia, Voyager is a progressive band falling somewhere in between the genres of pop and metal. They have recently released their first single since their 2017 full-length album, Ghost Mile. The single, “Brightstar,” was released to critical acclaim in the realm of prog metal.

Whether it’s a decade-old powerhouse or a newer entry, every song in Voyager’s packed setlist resonates with luscious singalongs, permeating percussion and rock-solid riffs.

Prog Magazine on Voyager

The single holds promises for a new album in the future, but until then, the band has expanded their “Flying Colors” tour with new EU/UK dates. To catch their unique blend between heavy riffing from Simone Dow on her Ernie Ball Music Man 7-String JP and epic vocals from Danny Estrin, be sure to check out their official website for tour dates and keep eyes and ears open for a potential album on the way.

Voyager uses Ernie Ball Regular 7 strings on the guitars and Power Slinky 5 for Bass. Guitarist Simone Dow uses an Ernie Ball Music Man Petrucci 7 string.

Check out Voyager‘s top tracks down below.

Monica Valli


Nashville-based guitarist Monica Valli is a force in the modern blues circuit. Following in the footsteps of her influences and guitar legends, she got her start playing nightly in bars around St. Louis. Now, she is making a name for herself, touring with various artists.

With every bend and every pluck, Monica is known for her rich tone and soulful guitar playing. Growing up, Monica was influenced by the blues music that surrounded her in her hometown of St. Louis.

Monica Valli, Official Bio

When it comes to the blues, Monica Valli is one to watch. Keep up with the latest with Monica Valli on her Instagram or on her official website for upcoming performances, tour dates, and projects!

Monica Valli uses Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom strings on guitar to get her classic blues sound.

Night Riots


Originating locally in San Luis Obispo, Night Riots is a power-pop quartet that blew up in 2012 with their hit single, “Contagious.” That single would later be released on their full-length album, Howl in 2015, followed by another successful album in 2017, Love Gloom. Today, they have just released their third album, titled New State of Mind. The goal for this release was to be completely authentic in their presentation.

But Joe Chiccarelli urged us to leave the nuances, take risks and let the music be real. When we discussed records that inspired us we realized that they were vulnerable, with flaws and eccentricities that made us able to connect not only to the music as a whole but to the players performing as individuals. And we wanted that.

Travis Hawley, Sumerian Records

This album has the classic contagion of their previous hits. Catchy synth riffs, anthemic vocals, and upbeat production make New State of Mind an instant classic for Night Riots. Check out their official video for their lead single off of the album, Tokyo Diamond Eyes, up above. Keep on the lookout for their tour dates on their official website.

Night Riots generate their sound using Ernie Ball Power Slinky strings on guitar and Regular Slinky Cobalt Bass strings on bass.

Listen to the killer hits from Night Riots down below.

Rye Brothers


The Rye Brothers fulfill a great promise with their music; they are forerunners in their self-described genre of power-pop-country. This sound can only be heard with a few bands, and this Los Angles-based quartet is one of them.

Personally, I think our sound is certainly unique. It’s a blending of rock and country and pop in a way no one has done it yet. I think that’s why it’s hard for people to categorize it … There’s a lot of similarities of all the artists coming on the radio. We’re outside of that. We’re part of the wave that changes music again.

Paul Justin, Daily Bulletin

The band has found that their sound is “too country for rock radio and too rock for country radio,” but it finds itself a home in venues across the U.S. Their sound is a return to the roots of country with a modern twist — contrary to that of new pop artists that they deem unfit for the “country” label. If you’re a fan of this unique sound, be sure to check out their official webpage for upcoming tour dates near you.

The Rye Brothers use Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings on electric guitar and Earthwood Light 80/20 Bronze strings on acoustic guitar.

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