The guitar is an ever-evolving instrument. It seems like every few years another artist comes along and pushes the envelope of what is possible with the six (or seven) strings.

Last week, Guitar World had its readers vote on the best guitar riffs of the decade. Eight of our Ernie Ball artists took on the top spots on the list.

So, as this decade comes to a close, let’s take some time to honor the milestones that we’ve seen along the way.

Tool – 7empest

Guitarist: Adam Jones

Tool uses Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom ParadigmBeefy Paradigm, and Not Even Slinky Paradigm strings on their six-string guitars. On their seven strings, they use Regular Paradigm 7 Strings and Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Paradigm 7 Strings.

Metallica – Atlas, Rise!

Guitarists: James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett

Metallica uses Ernie Ball Paradigm Regular Slinky and Paradigm Power Slinky on electric guitar. On acoustic, they opt for Ernie Ball Everlast 80/20 Light and Everlast Phosphor Bronze Extra Light.

Dream Theater – Paralyzed

Guitarist: John Petrucci

Dream Theater uses Ernie Ball Paradigm Regular Slinkys.

St. Vincent – Cruel

Guitarist: Annie Clark

St. Vincent uses Regular Slinky electrics on her signature St. Vincent Music Man.

Alice In Chains – Stone

Guitarists: Jerry Cantrell, William DuVall

Alice In Chains plays with RPS Regular Slinkys for maximum durability and Paradigm Phosphor Bronze Light Gauge on acoustics.

Muse – Reapers

Guitarist: Matt Bellamy

Muse plays Ernie Ball Power Slinkys and Paradigm 80/20 Medium-Light acoustic strings.

Gojira – Stranded

Guitarists:  Joe Duplantier, Christian Andreu

Gojira rip with Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy BottomRegular Slinky, and Custom Gauge 10-56 Individual Strings.

Ghost – Circle

Guitarist: An Nameless Ghoul

Ghost build their own custom sets of individual Ernie Ball Strings, opting for .011-.058 on electric guitar.

Featured image credit: Jeff Yeager for Metallica

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