The Colors of Rock ‘N’ Roll®

The Colors of Rock ‘N’ Roll® are the original colors that started it all. The colors of sonic explorers. Of rebels and rule breakers. Whether you’ve been part of the movement from the beginning or you’re just now joining the family, own a piece of the legacy with our new Colors of Rock ‘N’ Roll® Merchandise.

The Design Behind the Campaign

We teamed up with acclaimed designer Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co. to create a series of limited edition artwork that celebrates the iconic, vibrant Slinky colors and string recipes that have become the best selling and most popular guitar strings in the world since being introduced by Ernie Ball in 1962. Watch as we visit with Aaron, a musician himself, at DDC headquarters in Portland, Oregon to get an inside look at the creation of the Colors of Rock ‘N’ Roll® and the journey that influenced his path to becoming one of the most sought-after artists in graphic design.


The Merchandise


Designed by Aaron Draplin, the Colors of Rock ‘N’ Roll® posters that celebrates the iconic colors that started it all. Whether you play Slinky Pink, Green, Purple, Orange or Blue take home a piece of the legacy that expresses you for only $9.99. Or, have the entire set for only $49.99! Purchase posters on our website here.

Graphic Tees

Update your closet garb with our new throwback-cool and classic Ernie Ball graphic tees. Did we mention they come in soft poly cotton jersey? Inspired by the Colors of Rock ‘N’ Roll® campaign. Shop graphic tees here.

Pinback Buttons

The Colors of Rock’N’Roll® pinback buttons are here! Pin them to your guitar strap, jacket, hat, or backpack, and let the world know you have great taste in guitar strings. Shop pinback buttons here.


Get your hands on the new Colors of Rock’N’Roll® stickers before they’re gone! These high quality UV coated stickers come in our Ernie Ball logo, Slinky logo, and Everlast logo. Ready to stick on your guitar case, amplifier, or bumper. Shop stickers here.

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