Premier Guitar just released a new Rig Rundown with long-time Ernie Ball artists Tim Mahoney and Nick Hexum of rock group, 311. In the video, they go over all their guitars, gear, piles of pedals (and strings) that stir up their tone. As PG says, “spend an hour with the funk-punk rockers” and learn all about their rigs by watching it below.

Tim plays Ernie Ball Regular Slinky RPS strings and Nick plays Ernie Ball Power Slinky RPS strings.

“I moved from [Ernie Ball Slinky] 10s to 11s about 10 years ago. I just felt a lighter gauge string was too rubbery for me and I would lose control and over bend. And just knowing how Stevie Ray Vaughan played crazy thick strings, there is something, a more visceral thing, to having the heavier strings in there”. – Nick Hexum

Watch them both discuss their influences, their history with playing guitar, and their relationship with Ernie Ball in their episode of Ernie Ball: String Theory below.

Bonus Content

“Typically on a pedalboard, I would have three overdrives to get three different sounds that you can access right here on this overdrive pedal with your foot. Just put your foot right on the gas pedal there and having direct control over those things is nice. You can really settle in exactly where you need to be with it.” 311 guitarist Tim Mahoney sits down to demo and discuss the Ernie Ball Expression Series Ambient Delay and Expression Overdrive pedals.

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