It’s official: our new PARADIGM electric and acoustic strings – the most advanced guitar strings known to man – are on sale now!

PARADIGM strings feature superior break-resistance and unparalleled durability while delivering iconic Slinky tone. In fact, we’re so confident that PARADIGM strings won’t break or rust, that we’ll replace them absolutely free if they do within 90 days of purchase.

By now, you’ve probably seen many of our videos showing artists playing (and sometimes downright abusing) these strings. While we are extremely proud of the unparalleled durability of PARADIGM, we also want to make sure that their tone and feel don’t get lost in the mix. Despite the many technological advancements used in their creation, the classic Slinky tone and feel you’ve come to know and love are not affected, enabling you to play precisely as you’d like to without worrying about whether your strings will make the cut.

Check out some of the most recent content featuring our groundbreaking new strings:

USA Today Interview featuring Sterling Ball

Sterling Ball, our CEO, sat down with USA Today’s Jefferson Graham last week to discuss PARADIGM, and to test drive the new strings.

Stronger Than Billy Duffy

We asked Billy Duffy of The Cult to put PARADIGM to the test and see if he was stronger than the most advanced guitar strings ever created. The results? See for yourself.

Paul Gilbert and Anderton’s Music Co.

Ernie Ball artist Paul Gilbert met up with the crew at Anderton’s Music Co. in England, where he demonstrated PARADIGM’s strength.

Guitar World’s Paul Riario

“Not only do they stay in tune, but they sound and feel just like regular Slinkys, except they’re WAY more durable.” Paul Riario at Guitar World takes PARADIGM for a test drive.

American Musical Supply Torture Test

The crew at American Musical Supply took a run at playing hard on PARADIGM.

Ernie Ball: Born To Innovate – Three Generations of String Makers

For more than 50 years and three generations our family has been committed to crafting guitar strings in Southern California that shape the sound of rock and roll. From the introduction of Slinkys in 1962 to PARADIGM, the world’s most advanced guitar strings ever created, experience the story and passion behind our family’s uncompromising commitment to innovation and tone as well as the making of our latest string advancement, PARADIGM.


PARADIGM is available now in electric, phosphor bronze acoustic and 80/20 bronze acoustic string sets in our most popular gauges.


Bonus Content

Our latest string innovation, Ernie Ball PARADIGM won’t let anything get between your strings and your fingers. Developed at Princeton University, our Everlast string treatment is a groundbreaking nanotechnology just nanometers thin that coats the entirety of the wound string, allowing it to repel moisture and oils that would lead to tone-killing buildup.

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