Ernie Ball straps are some of the most widely-used in the music industry. From Eric Clapton to John Mayer, pros and amateurs alike rely on our gear whether onstage, in the studio or in their living room. We currently offer more options than ever before — ranging in materials, patterns and styles. Whatever your style, we’re sure you’ll find something to fit your playing needs.

PolyPro Strap


The strap that started it all. Made from our best-selling PolyPro material, these straps are machine stitched to black leather ends and stamped with the signature gold Ernie Ball logo. Aimed to secure maximum strength and longevity, the strap features a black Delrin adjustable buckle and connector to further enhance durability and style. Available in 11 different colors.

PolyLock Straps

Need to ensure your instrument stays securely attached, but don’t want to make any modifications to it? The PolyLock strap’s patent-pending design makes it easy to securely attach the strap to your electric guitar or bass, without the need for modification or bulky hardware. Simply fasten your Ernie Ball PolyLock strap to any existing strap buttons (standard on most electric guitars or basses) and you’re all set.

Check out Ernie Baller Mike Herrera from MXPX using the PolyLock strap in action below.

Jacquard Print Straps

The world’s number one polypro guitar strap is now available in 14 stylish, new designs for 2020. Featuring embroidered leather ends with durable yet comfortable polypropylene webbing, its extra-long design allows for easy application. Strap length measures 41 inches to 72 inches at total length. Browse through all 33 unique designs on our website.

Leather Straps

For players looking for something more classy, our classic leather straps are for you.  Made from rich, Italian leather, these straps provide maximum strength and longevity without sacrificing style and comfort. No audience will question your level of style when you’re onstage with one of these. Available in black, brown or tan leather.

Comfort Collection Straps


The straps in our Comfort Collection are the ultimate in luxurious appointments. Made from Italian leather and lined with synthetic “Fur Sherpa” lining, these straps conform to the shoulder area for maximum comfort. The 2.5″ leather, imported from Italy, features a deluxe top grain with a fantastically soft feel. Timeless style, timeless quality.

If you’re in the market for even more comfort, we also offer a padded neoprene guitar strap. Great for redistributing instrument weight and particularly suited for those with existing ailments, aches or chronic pain. This strap is ultra-durable, flexible and cushy, allowing for hours of playing time without discomfort.

Premium Straps

The classic tweed strap has the perfect “classic guitar” vibe. This durable and comfortable 2″ wide strap with Vintage Tweed design is machine stitched to quality brown leather ends for absolute maximum strength and longevity. A black Delrin adjustable buckle and connector further enhance durability and good looks. Available in black and white checkered, tweed, and camo.

Polyspun Strap


Comfortable Polyester spun short fibre material that feels like soft cotton. Machined stitched leather ends provide added durability and strap length is fully adjustable for short or extra long applications. Available in Yellow Jacket and Raven Black.

*Photo by Eric Clapton

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