Over 100,000 music enthusiasts and guitar fans flocked to the Anaheim Convention Center for the 2019 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) conference. Arguably one of the most anticipated events of the year, the most prominent music and instrument companies gathered to unveil their newest products. The four-day event featured countless artist performances and interviews, along with some of the most groundbreaking product announcements to date. Check out some of our favorite moments from the weekend and all of the brand-new Ernie Ball products hitting the market this year.

Product Launches

NAMM 2019 brought the official first look into what new releases will be joining the Ernie Ball family this year. From cables and picks, to strings and pedals, we have a little something for everyone. Check out all of the new products down below and their official launch dates.

VPJR Tuner 

The VPJR Tuner is the perfect combination 2-in-1 pedal offering precise volume control with an enhanced definition digital tuner. The pedal features a fast and accurate chromatic tuner with graphic volume display that is visually attractive and easy to operate. The large display automatically switches between tuner and volume modes depending on the signal level, allowing the player to tune at minimal volume. Other “always on” configurations are accessible by double tapping the touch screen. The tuner can also be calibrated to a variety of ideal reference pitches. The pedal’s compact, rugged design consists of an aluminum housing, and features a stronger, more durable PVC coated Kevlar cord ensuring consistent tension throughout the foot sweep.

Coming Soon


Ultra and Burly Slinky

Ultra and Burly Slinky’s are the newest additions to the Slinky guitar family. These new hybrid gauges combine popular slinky string sets offering additional options in terms of tone and feel. Ultra set combines Regular and Power Slinky sets, with gauges of .010, .013, .017, .028, .038, .048″ and the Burly set combines Power and Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Slinky sets, with gauges of .011, .014, .018, .030, .042, .052″.
Launching globally March 1st


Axis Capo 

The Ernie Ball Axis Capo’s ergonomic features allow for fast and accurate single handed key changes. A dual radius design conforms to flat or curved fretboards, ensuring buzz-free operation on 6 or 7 string electric and acoustic guitars. Our capo’s are made from aluminum and feature a lightweight rubber handle for comfortable operation. Finishes available in Black Silver, Brown, and Gold.

Launching globally July 1st

Uke Strings

Made for concert and soprano Ukulele players, these string’s highlight feature is the ball end which offers faster installation and better tuning stability over traditional tie end strings. Ernie Ball’s Ukulele strings are offered in traditional clear resin for a bright, balanced tone with excellent projection and black resin for a warm, rich tone with percussive attack. These strings are made from nylon monofilament and feature ball end construction for easy installation and enhanced tuning stability. Available in clear gauges (.028”, .032”, .040”, .028”) and black gauges (.028”, .032”, .040”, .028”).

We teamed up with Disney-inspired artist Mcbiff to help create the Ernie Ball Ukulele campaign. His American mid-century modern designs were unveiled at NAMM for all to enjoy. Learn more about Mcbiff and his art here.

Launching globally March 1st

Prodigy Picks 

Ernie Ball Prodigy picks feature highly durable delrin material for a more secure non-slip surface. The machined beveled edge and sharp point at bottom allow for less drag, added articulation, and precise control while playing. Now available in four new shapes and a multipack, all offered in two thicknesses.

Launching May 1st in North America and June 3rd internationally.



Introducing Ernie Ball’s new cables for 2019. Known for their bright colors and high quality, durable material. Ernie Ball instrument cables feature a high-quality design made with superior components that are built to last. Dual-conductors deliver reliably clear tone with crisp highs, tight mids, and rich harmonics. Multiple shielding materials preserve the signal with low handling noise, and the durable exterior ensures long-lasting performance. They come in braided, patch, straight, coiled, speaker, and microphone and are offered in different lengths to meet your needs.

Launching domestically February 15th and internationally March 15th



Artist Visits

Find out more about our new products

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