Bay Area rocker’s SWMRS have been a must see live band, after their heavy touring domestically and internationally for their debut full length album, Drive North. The band took off for a couple one-off festival slots including Reading and Leads, and the upcoming Tropicalia in Long Beach. SWMRS also announced the date of their third annual Halloween show, Uncool Halloween IIIThis year’s show will be at the UC Theater in Berkeley on October 27th. They will be joined by friends of Ernie Ball, Mt. Eddy and Destroy Boys.

SWMRS count on Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys and Hybrid Bass Slinkys.

Check out a SWMRS show near you, listen to their top tracks and add a song to your playlist.

Joyce Manor


Joyce Manor has released Million Dollars To Kill Me in late September. It’s these west coast rockers’ fifth full length album, produced by Converge guitarist, Kurt Ballou, who helped capture the band’s riffy and unique catchy style. In support of this record the band will be bringing their dynamic tunes on the road throughout October and November.

Joyce Manor plays Ernie Ball Cobalt Regular, Cobalt Super Slinky, and Cobalt Regular Bass strings.

Catch a local show here and add a song to your fall playlist below.


Knocked Loose


Knocked Loose, brings straight raw energy to their unique blend of hardcore punk and metalcore genre, bringing swinging bloody and bruised fists into the pit. Punishing heavy riffs and rhythmic breaks command your attention second after second. The band is currently on tour with fellow Ernie Baller’s Beartooth and Sylar. Knocked Loose continues to emerge a crowd favorite. Arf Arf!

Knocked Loose play Ernie Ball Cobalt Skinny Top Heavy Bottom 7-String7-String Regular Slinky and 5-String Power Slinky Bass Strings.

Catch the a show near you here and add the songs to your playlist below.


Rafael Moreira


Guitarist, singer/songwriter and producer, Rafael Moreira has had a thriving career, starting off at the frontman to the power trio known as Magnetico on the Kiss Kruise. Rafael is currently playing guitar with legendary artist Paul Stanley (KISS) and has worked in the past with artists like: Christina Aguilera, Pink, Natasha Bedingfield, Don Felder (The Eagles), and Steven Tyler (Aerosmith). He’s also performed on TV shows like: American Idol, The Voice, Rockstar INXS and Supernova, Rock The Cradle, To Tell The Truth.

I love playing Ernie Ball Stings, they sound and feel amazing

Rafael Moreira plays Ernie Ball M Steel Regulars and If you haven’t seen the Paul Stanley’s String Theory, check it out below.

Conor Oberst


Often referred to as the Bob Dylan of a younger generation by many reviewers, Conor Oberst has a lengthy history of being an outstanding American singer/songwriter. From his early days of Bright Eyes, to being apart of the Monsters Of Folk supergroup and the leader of the Mystic Valley Band, Conor Obersts‘ writing and lyrical storytelling is not slowing down anytime soon. Conor has also been releasing album after album of his own solo music, most recently with, Ruminations a series of recorded demos which highlights Conor’s vulnerable lyrics. He immediately followed up this album by releasing the full band recordings in the album Salutations. When asked about his process he said,

I have always believed there’s salvation through music and love. At least for me. It’s gotten me through the worst of things. But I want it to be that way for the people who listen to it too

Conor Oberst plays Ernie Ball Earthwood 80/20 Medium Light and Power Slinky Electric Strings.

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