Bill Ryder-Jones


Across the pond, outside of West Kirby, resides the composer multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter Bill Ryder-Jones. After being in the psych band The Coral, Bill released a series of solo records, featuring his melancholy whispers of daily life, introverted lyrics, and dreamy, ethereal guitar tones. BRJ scored for a couple of films like 2011’s Bed, and 2012’s Piggy; his ability to arrange multiple instruments came in handy for his solo work. His new album titled Yawn, to be released November 2nd on Domino Recording Co., is set to be another great record, upping his success from his last record, West Kirby County Primary. Check out one of the singles above for, “Don’t Be Scared, I Love You” off the new record Yawn.

Bill Ryder-Jones uses Ernie Ball Regular Slinky, Everlast Extra Light, and the Ernie Ball 40th Anniversary volume pedal.

Listen to Bill Ryder-Jones below and check out a show near you.


The Wrecks


The Wrecks have snuck onto the alt-rock scene with high-energy and captivating live shows, evolving from their humble beginnings recording their debut EP in their home studio, using YouTube tutorials and laptops, to help get the mix right. The result was a breakout single titled, “Favorite Liar” racking millions of streams on Spotify. The band has been busy hitting the road releasing a follow-up EP titled, “Panic Vertigo” and supporting bands like All Time Low, The Hunna, and The Maine.

The Wrecks count on Ernie Ball Power Slinky, Regular Bass strings, Everlast Phosphor Bronze Light, MVP Volume Pedal.

Listen to The Wrecks below, and catch them supporting their new EP and on tour with The Struts near you. 

Jamie Humphries


Hailing from Sweden, Jamie Humphries is a guitarist with a lengthy resume, appearing on several instructional DVD’s and ripping helpful shredding demo videos for Ernie Ball Music Man and Blackstar. Jamie has also shared the stage with icons including Slash, Lemmy, Joshua Homme, Iggy Pop, Volbeat, and Henry Rollins, to name a few. His skills go beyond the fretboard mixing solo albums for guitarist/singer David Kilminster, Pink Floyd Legend Roger Waters and prog artist Steven Wilson. Check out Jamie’s chops in the video above and subscribe to his YouTube Channel here.

Jamie plays an Ernie Ball Music Man Axis loaded with Ernie Ball Paradigm Skinny Top Heavy Bottom.

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats


Often when songwriters look to create a new record, they change their environment to spark the inspiration and create a new mood for their sound, hoping to capture a bit of the change in scenery in their music. That is exactly what Nathaniel Rateliff did with the eight members that make up the Night Sweats for their new record Tearing at the Seams. Wanting the band to contribute their parts from a natural place, the band headed to the desert to create their roots rock and R&B sound. Check out the song, “A Little Honey” above.

Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats use Ernie Ball Cobalt Beefy, Cobalt Power Slinky, Earthwood Phosphor Mediums, Ernesto Palla Ball End, and Ernesto Palla Nylon Black and Silver.

Add one of Nathaniel Rateliff’s top tracks to your playlist below.



Powered by espresso and relentless punk energy, the ever-influential Descendents have never slowed down, playing their melodic anthemic songs with the same energy they did throughout the 80’s and 90’s. After nearly 40 years, the band continues to play shows and offer the same self-deprecating wit that made a big impact on the west coast skate scene, bringing the hardcore attitude with their unique melodic twist. Dive into one of the latest videos from the band titled, “Without Love” off their 2016 record Hypercaffium Spazzinate above.

Descendents count on Ernie Ball Regular Slinky and Bass Regular Slinky.

Stephen Egerton plays a custom modified Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Guitar.

Add the Descendents to your new mix or playlist below.

Bonus Content

If you haven’t caught the new, “Inspired By” video of Stephen Egerton of the Descendents, be sure to take a behind the scenes look below. Find out what has motivated Stephen to play punk rock guitar and join the legendary band the Descendents.

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