Live Performances

Panic! At The Disco

Panic! At The Disco visited the SiriusXM Studios in New York and played a unique cover of fellow Ernie Ball artists, Weezer’s, “Say It Ain’t So.” Watch Brendon Urie flex his vocal range in this special intimate setting. The group is currently on their Pray For The Wicked Tour. The Tour is in the United States for now and will travel overseas in the Fall.

Panic! At The Disco uses Power Slinkys and Bass Hybrid Slinkys.

Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow performed his hit “Saturdays” on Conan O’Brien’s Late Show on July 10th. Although Haim didn’t feature for the performance, Twin Shadow made a beautiful set, throwing off his guitar halfway through the song so he could dance around. Check out their 80’s style live show below and watch the Official Music Video if you love “Saturdays.” Twin Shadow is playing shows through October, including at the Austin City Limits music festival.

Twin Shadow play Regular Slinkys and Hybrid Slinkys to get his sustained, clean tone.

New Releases

Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte premiered the official music video for “Shadowboxer,” their second single from the forthcoming album Generation RX, out September 14th. The music video shows several people suffering from their own anxiety and tells of rising above the pain we cause ourselves. Good Charlotte has cemented themselves as one of the most influential Rock bands in recent history having sold more than 11 million albums worldwide.

Find some tickets to watch Good Charlotte live on their Fall Tour via their website.

Good Charlotte play Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Slinkys and Bass 5 Super Long Scale Slinkys.

Chelsea Grin

Chelsea Grin has released their first studio album as a four-piece. Since lead singer Alex Koehler and guitarist Jacob Harmond left in early 2018, ex-Lorna Shore singer Tom Barber took over as lead vocalist. Eternal Nightmare was released July 13th and is the group’s fifth studio album since their 2010 debut, Desolation of Eden. The band is currently touring with the Vans Warped Tour and will continue with the festival until August 5th.

Chelsea Grin plays with Music Man guitars from the John Petrucci Collection. Stephen Rutishauser, Chelsea Grin’s guitarist, has an arsenal of heavy-hitting JP13’s. Read about his thoughts on Music Man in our exclusive blog post. Bassist David Flinn also plays with a Music Man Stingray 5 Bass and a Music Man Bongo. They play with Nickle 8 String Slinkys, Cobalt Regular 7 String Slinkys, and Bass 5 Power Slinkys.


Lucero premiered the official music video to pair with their song, “For The Lonely Ones.” The group released the song from their upcoming album Among The Ghosts, which premieres August 5th. The song is a country-alternative hit with hints of their classic horn sound. Lucero is currently on their fall international tour. Follow their website to catch a show. Preorder Among The Ghosts via the Lucero website.

Lucero uses Power Slinkys, Earthwood 80/20 Medium Light Acoustic Strings, and Bass I Flatwounds.

Real Friends

Real Friends have released Composure, their most unique album to date. The band went on an unpublicized hiatus during 2017 to deal with problems they were facing individually, but through the troubling time, the bond between the band grew increasingly strong and set them up to create what they say is their best work to date.  Real Friends released Composure on July 13th, and the record is packed with emotions and brutal honesty about the problems the members faced and are overcoming.

Real Friends play with Not Even Slinkys and Bass Hybrid Slinkys.

Comeback Kid

Comeback Kid delivered the Official Music Video for their new single “I’ll Be That.” The song released for their upcoming album Outsider, due out in September. The music video features a man being chased throughout the duration of the video. In the end, he is finally caught against a river, where he is shot down. The video is graphic, so viewer discretion is advised.

Comeback Kid is currently in Europe touring and will be in the United States come this Fall.

Comeback Kid play Not Even Slinkys and Bass 6 Baritone Strings.

Queen of Jeans

Queen of Jeans dropped a music video for their song, “U R My Guy.” The female quartet out of Philadelphia is a pop-punk band with an awesome 60’s style which is showcased in their music. Full of grooving hooks, the song matches the video very well. The group is shown performing for a boy who is playing on the soccer field with his team. Things get out of hand when the police come and chase them out of the stadium. The video is a parody of a Heath Ledger scene from the 90’s movie, Ten Things I Hate About You. “U R My Guy” is on the group’s debut album, Dig Yourself, released March of 2018.

Queen of Jeans is currently on a U.S. Tour. Check out their website to stay updated on their whereabouts.

Queen of Jeans relies on Regular Slinkys.

Tour Announcements


Underoath has announced a Fall Tour for their April album, Erase Me, with Dance Gavin Dance and the Plot In You. The band has decided to give their devoted fans a huge discount for the sale, as they stated in a Twitter Post,

We literally couldn’t do this thing we love without you. That said, sometimes we wonder how we could say ‘thank you’ in a more tangible way,” the band wrote. “Hope to see you there.

Underoath is giving their Spotify followers special access to presale North American tickets. Underoath is also playing shows at the Vans Warped Tour from July 16th to the 18th.

Underoath shreds with Not Even Slinkys, Beefy Slinkys, and Bass 5 Power Slinkys.

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