Bones UK

Made up of vocalist Rosie Bones and virtuoso guitarist Carmen Vandenberg, the Grammy nominated duo Bones UK are unapologetic about speaking out and breaking the mold of not “fitting in”. Confronting everything from the beauty industry to toxic masculinity in the music scene and taking no prisoners. Recently, Bones UK has released an EP titled UNPLUGGED, which features 5 reimagined tracks of some of their most popular songs, with string arrangements and an accompaniment that highlights the group’s ability to construct powerful arrangements. The energy behind their performances feels incredibly powerful without losing their signature grimey-alt attitude.

The best thing that we hear from people after we come off the stage is that they feel empowered by our show, Bones remarks. Performing live is our favorite thing in the entire universe. We absolutely love it; [being] able to throw that [energy] on to people and channel it.

Carmen Vandenburg to Loud Wire

Learn more about what Bones UK is up to by checking out their official site, and listen to their hard-hitting, breakthrough music below.

Bones UK rips with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky electric guitar strings.

Jhawk (Duckwrth)

Bringing a unique and versatile energy into hip-hop mixed with a punk-style energy comes, DUCKWRTH (aka JHAWK, aka Jared Lee) who has created his own space to explore all of the ranges and gradients in his intro/extroverted vibrant world. Landing a song on the soundtrack for the film Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse not only brought a massive amount of hype but also showcased his mosh pit style energy that lights everyone up. You’ll especially get a sense of this on the track, “Start A Riot”. Behind those hooky R&B guitar licks sits the multi-talented guitarist, JHAWK from Oakland, CA, transporting listeners into a genre blending, medley-like arena like at the end of “Tamagotchi” or in his infectious track “Crush” which hints reminders to early Outkast style, head-bobbing, back rhythms.

Aside from playing and crushing chords with DUCKWRTH, JHAWK has also founded an all-black collective of songwriters, producers, and touring musicians called Ghetto Kids Music Group. Keep your eyes peeled for their website which is set to launch in a couple of weeks.

Keep up with DUCKWRTH on his website and listen to his music below.

JHAWK creates the vibe with Ernie Ball Regular Cobalt electric guitar strings.

Soft Palms

Project of husband and wife duo; Julia Kugel (The Coathangers and White Woods) and Scott Montoya (formerly of The Growlers), Soft Palms is a blend of rich tones with simple progressions that float and intertwine somewhere between dream pop and spacey joy. Soft Palms is the creative outlet behind the scenes of the Long Beach, CA music community. Including Happy Sundays Free Music Festival, running the arts non-profit Studios for Schools, and Long Beach POP local events. Check out their music video above for their single “Baddy” off of their latest release.

This has been a dream project for both of us. We have supported each other with our other bands, know each other’s strengths, and work really well together. We both know exactly what we need, when, why and how to do it. We don’t have to answer to anyone or compromise creatively and can’t blame others for any challenges.

Julia Kugel to Think Baby Music

Head to the Soft Palms website to keep up to date on their latest work and make sure to listen to their singles below.

Julia Kugel of Soft Palms creates dreamland melodies with Ernie Ball’s Regular Slinky electric guitars strings.

Gabby Guitar

Although she started out on the piano, oboe, clarinet, and more, Gabriella Logan ultimately picked up the guitar as her weapon of choice, to the point that her alternative moniker is Guitar Gabby.

After her mom bought her a guitar in middle school, Gabby taught herself music theory, classical guitar and of course some of her favorite songs, to start finding her own voice and technique in her newfound guitar world. After getting some inspiration from Orianthi, Gabby began writing and recording more of her own songs, giving a voice to the songs in her head.

Now, after graduating from Vermont Law School, Gabby is the lead vocalist, guitar player, and manager for her solo music (Guitar Gabby), the all-Black female rock band, The Txlips, as well as the backing guitarist for Diamond (former Crime Mob member).

I wanted to do something different, I wanted to do something that was going to be built on a business perspective versus just a band looking to be signed by a label. And I knew it was going to require me to learn the industry on the business side and not just the guitar.

Gabby Logan to She Shreds

On June 21st 2020, Guitar Gabby released her debut solo album, Musicology. A blend of Satriani-styled riffs, 90’s inspired rock grooves and lyrical themes expressing black culture. Gabby dedicates herself musically and vocally and stays true to herself and her message. Check out Guitar Gabby’s latest activities here and make sure to listen to her music below.

Guitar Gabby plays Regular Slinky electric guitar strings to craft her signature sound.

Face to Face

It’s hard to think of the Los Angeles punk scene without thinking of the infamous quartet, Face to Face.

Formed as high school pals in 1988 and out of the ashes of a short-lived metal band, Victoria Manor and later Zero Tolerance, Face to Face cut their punk/skate teeth all around southern California alongside bands like The Offspring, Guttermouth, Voodoo Glow Skulls and more. The band signed their first major label and publishing deal in 1993 which was followed by their Over It EP and the band has continued to grow since then. The band’s blend of catchy choruses, upbeat guitar chord progressions, infectious vocals, and bass runs that can take on a life of their own courtesy of Scott Shiflett, Face to Face is a band that continues to inspire guitarists around the world.

When speaking out about their 9th studio album, Protection, singer/guitarist Trevor Keith says,

The longer you’ve been a band, the more expectations people have when you put a record out,” Keith says. “With our ninth studio album, there are a lot of boxes for us to tick as a band because people have come to expect certain things of us. Protection is firmly rooted in the past with the music we started out doing, but it’s also a very current version of that. It’s a culmination of 25 years of being in a band, writing songs, and making records.

Trevor Keith to OC Weekly

After a brief hiatus from 2003-2008, Face to Face has been touring continuously and has cranked out a total of 11 full-length albums, multiple EPs and singles. While the band waits out the pandemic to tour once again, Face to Face has been keeping busy with acoustic sessions, live streams and more. Keep up to date with them here and make sure to check out their tunes below.

Face to Face plays Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Coated bass strings, Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Slinkys, Custom Light Nickel Wound electric, and Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Light acoustic guitar strings. 

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