In Episode 3 of Band to Business we’re talking about ‘Routing’. It wasn’t until Jen Kellogg was a talent buyer routing a Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson tour that she really got a handle on where Wyoming is.  However, routing a tour is more than just geography and getting from point A to point B. If your band is ready to get on the road, and you’ve already decided it’s financially feasible, here are a few things to consider when you route your tour:

  • Think about the best type of venue for your music and the experience your fans want.
  • How far are your fans willing to travel to see you? You might be able to play shows closer together than you think.
  • Distance is money – right now fuel is about $0.25/mile for a van and $0.60 for a bus.
  • How many shows can you play in a row before you need a day off and how far can you drive between cities?
  • Make sure the driver has time to sleep when not driving.
  • Make sure to play shows on weekends, and avoid shows on Mondays whenever possible.
  • Be aware of competing events or holidays. 

Tune in below to see how agents aren’t just throwing darts at a map, and the factors involved when planning out a band’s tour, in the third episode of Band to Business: ‘Routing’.

Check out the full ‘Routing’ workshop and more Concert Business Basics on Jen Kellogg’s website.

Band to Business was created to help in the business of artistic endeavors, and shed some insight into the behind-the-scenes jobs that make it all happen. See you next time!

About Jen Kellogg

Jen Kellogg has spent over 25 adventurous years in the concert industry as a roadie, talent buyer, educator and entrepreneur. During her quarantine, she’s hosting a virtual workshop series called “Concert Business Basics” to help those starting their career in the concert industry, and established professionals interested in expanding beyond their existing areas of expertise. She crunched numbers as the tour accountant for the Vans Warped Tour from 2009-2017. During that time she co-founded The Entertainment Institute and brought the fan’s unique backstage workshops with artists on the tour. Prior to that, as a talent buyer at Jam Productions, she booked theaters and arenas, and specialized in minor league baseball parks. Her first full tour was with Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson and it sparked her love of the road life. Jen teaches Producing and Touring Live Entertainment at Columbia College Chicago and has spoken at highly respected industry conferences including SXSW and Pollstar.

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