David Nail

To start off this week’s Follow Friday, we have a warm welcome to the Ernie Ball Family, Missouri’s own, David Nail. David discovered a love for country music after a high school talent show, not knowing this would lead to a career as a passionate singer-songwriter; David Nail grabbed a break when he was discovered playing a few songs at a party by the daughter of record producer, Keith Stegall.

David inked a deal with Mercury Records and released his first-ever single, “Memphis,” which made it on the country single charts. Mercury opted to not release the album he had recorded, but Nail persevered, giving Nashville another shot and inking a deal with MCA through producer, Frank Liddell. This led Nail to his breakout single, “Red Light”, which peaked at number 7 on country single charts and earned him a gold record. Since then, David has been steadily building up his discography with big songs. His most recent album release starred a new backing band, the Well Ravens, and the album is titled, Only This and Nothing More.

There’s so many songs that I’ve recorded that I feel like there’s people that haven’t heard them that need to hear them … I feel like there’s people out there that don’t know who David Nail is, that need to.

Cilliea Hoghten to Taste of Country

David Nail‘s latest album is a true testament to the growth of a singer-songwriter and discovering that authenticity. Though polarizing at times, it can make for your most honest work even if the subject matter is difficult to talk about. Make sure to listen to David Nail‘s music below.

David Nail uses Ernie Ball RPS Power Slinky electric guitar strings and Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Medium strings when he plays his acoustic guitar.

Palaye Royale

Brothers Remington Leith, Sebastian Danzig and Emerson Barrett make up the band Palaye Royale who have been making a space for themselves since 2008. The band started as Kropp Circle but ultimately changed their name to Palaye Royale, inspired by a dance hall, Palais Royale, where their grandparents met. The band is normally described as glam rock meets art-rock, but one quick listen and you can hear and see this band wears their influences on their sleeve from My Chemical Romance to The Doors and Tim Burton’s art aesthetic. The band got on the radar after self-releasing an EP and touring while simultaneously building a fanbase that ultimately lead to beating out Linkin Park for a fan voted MTV Award. The band managed to accomplish all of this while still being unsigned.

After signing to Sumerian Records in 2015, the band released Boom Boom Boom Side A followed by Boom Boom Boom Side B which landed on the Billboard 200 charts. Their next full-length will be arriving on May 29th titled, The Bastards and a few of the tracks you’ll see the group leaning heavily into their production options and steering away from their original gritty rock influences as they opt for a more polished rock vibe lined with pop sensibilities. When speaking about their first track from their new album, Little Bastards the band said,

‘Little Bastards’ is the opening track from our third album, ‘The Bastards’. Musically we show the direction of the album all in a single track. The vulnerability, the truth and the aggression all wrapped together in a three and a half minute track which will set the listener up for what is to come for the next 14 tracks and what corners we will touch.

Palaye Royale to Alt Press

Check out their tracks below and make sure to snag their new album when it drops May 29th.

Palaye Royale uses Regular Slinky electric guitar strings and Regular Slinky Bass strings to craft their signature sound.

Ryan Bingham

Ryan Bingham is one of those artists who’s career spans over 13 years, some seven full-length albums, EPs, singles and even film credit, yet a lot of people might not be that familiar with him. But give him about five minutes of your time, and you’ll be sure to become a fan. Bingham has built a name for himself by crafting music that blends acoustic Americana, blues-country twang and some occasional barn burner rock tracks, which is no surprise considering he cut his teeth playing after rodeos as a teenager and honky-tonks as he got older. Not to mention, he was once a pro bull rider himself. Top off the music sound with lyrical themes that tackle relatable every-day hardships including political issues and losing family members to addiction and suicide. Bingham even found himself featured in 2009’s Crazy Heart film which earned him an Academy Award, a Grammy, and a Golden Globe award. 

Now armed with 2019’s American Love Song, Ryan is trying to be a little more upbeat, while still tackling personal and political issues, spurred by his history of moving all around the country with his family and learning to appreciate all cultures wherever he landed. 

This record is all about … these different pieces and moving parts of this country, It’s about growing up in all these different parts of America and experiencing all these different cultures … a bit of a love song and love story about getting through it all.

Ryan Bingham to Rolling Stone

Now based in Los Angeles, Bingham has been splitting his time between occasional acting opportunities and writing his own music and for TV and movies. 

Ryan Bingham plays Earthwood 80/20 Bronze Light and Medium Light acoustic guitar strings and Power Slinky and Not Even Slinky electric guitar strings.

Hail the Sun

Driven by making the most of everyday, Hail The Sun bring a clash of pretty chords and racing duel guitars provided by Aric Garcia and Shane Gann. The guitarist’s fill the sound with driving melodies and prog rock energy. Hail The Sun is self driven and motivated by Donovon Malero (Drummer/Vocalist) who finds comfort in the band’s work ethic, building a reputation as a notable booker, and managing other side projects. Malero never seems to take his foot off the gas pedal. Their most recent release, Mental Knife, tackles the constant need for self improvement and development by removing the energy-zapping unnecessary aspects of life, while providing the strength to overcome necessary work. 

Regardless of how I may act or seem on the outside, like many people, I am very self-critical. I will obsess on things I say or do throughout the day, and it leads me to wish I wasn’t a certain way. I think many can relate to this, I’m not one out a million or anything, but I decided that’s what I was feeling at the time so I wrote about it.

Alex Sievers to Kill Your Stereo

Their latest album, Mental Knife has brought a new breath to a genre charged by the complexity and dynamic sound which leaves listeners excited to hear what’s next. Make sure to keep up with Hail The Sun and listen to their music below.

Hail The Sun uses Ernie Ball Power Slinky electric guitar strings and Regular Slinky bass strings. Their guitarist, Aric Garcia also plays with an Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray RS guitar.

Nile Marr

Rounding out this week’s list is a family name very familiar with the Ernie Ball legacy. British born and Manchester-based, Nile Marr is no stranger to guitar thanks to his father and fellow guitarist/musician, Johnny Marr. But make no mistake, Nile has been making a name for himself since 2016. Nile Marr began his career as a solo artist and was then joined by some fellow writers before ultimately forming his first group, Man Made. The trio was a balanced act of fuzzed out guitar riffs, ballad-style jangle tunes and an occasional upbeat garage rock track. The music of Man Made was his own and the guitars were ever-present, but the energy always managed to stay on top like with their track, “Bring Some.” 

Now in 2020, Nile has turned back to his solo efforts with his debut album, Are You Happy Now? and a new EP titled, Still Hearts. These tracks offer a little more of pop angle to Nile’s writing, driven by the energy of his home-town, Manchester. His music style blends his melody driven guitar riffs, with a Modest Mouse vocal quality and Broken Social Scene’s song assembling. Nile has certainly created his own sound. 

I didn’t want to make sad music… I wanted to express how moving back to Manchester felt. My music is there for people who want a bit of melody in their day; I want them to hear the music and dance around and feel good about themselves

Nile Marr to Sonic PR

More recently, Nile Marr provided his talents to well-known music composer, Hans Zimmer on his world tour which helped Nile to fuel his own desire for a more simplistic and honest sound. Check out Nile’s tunes below and keep your eyes peeled for more music dropping from him soon.

Nile Marr plays Power Slinky electric guitar strings.

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