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From the psychedelic underbelly comes L.A. Witch, coming off their self-titled album which oozed with vibe and atmosphere, with the whole mix draped in reverb, sonically placing the band in some distant realm, broadcast across some unknown chasm of time, Play With Fire, the band’s latest release comes crashing out of the gate with a bold, brash, in-your-face rocker “Fire Starter.” The authoritative opener is a deliberate mission statement. “Don’t fear mistakes or the future. Take a chance. Say and do what you really feel, even if nobody agrees with your ideas. These are feelings that have stopped me in the past. I want to inspire others to be freethinkers even if it causes a little burn.” Sanchez states, And by that line of reasoning, “Fire Starter” becomes a call to action, an anthem against apathy. From there, the album segues into the similarly bodacious rocker “Motorcycle Boy”—a feisty love song inspired by classic cinema outlaws like Mickey Rourke, Marlon Brando, and Steve McQueen Play With Fire is a bold new journey that retains L.A. Witch’s siren-song mystique, nostalgic spirit, and contemporary cool. Despite the stylistic breadth of L.A. Witch, there is a unifying timbre across the album’s nine tracks, as if the trio of young musicians is bound together as a collective of old souls tapping into the sounds of their previous youth. Check out the stylistic video for “Motorcycle Boy” below.

Watch: “Motorcycle Boy” Official music video.

Sounds Like: Death Valley Girls, Acid Dad, Night Beats

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Formed in Baltimore in 2010, Turnstile has been exciting, energizing, and sometimes confusing hardcore-punk fans with their genre-blending tracks, and we’re completely here for it. After a few EPs made their rounds in the scene in 2011 and 2013, Turnstile exploded onto the scene with their first full-length, Nonstop Feeling. Combining classic hardcore riffs and energy, smart lyrical content, and infectious melodies, Turnstile jumps from songs that could be a b-side 311 track to a single off an old Rage Against The Machine record, with ease. Combine these elements with their eye for visual art and energy-bursting live shows, and you get one of the most exciting bands in music today. With two full-lengths, five EPs, and multiple singles under their belt, Turnstile still has plenty in the tank to expose their listeners too. With live dates announced for 2021 and 2022, the band just dropped a new EP titled Turnstile Love Connection, dripping with heavy riffs, electric drum elements, and a hint of picking up where Refused left off.

Watch: The official music video for “Love Connection

Sounds Like: Rage Against The Machine, Incendiary, 311 (and a little Beastie Boys…)

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Growing up in the deep south, the members of Gideon spent years letting these mental fences dictate their creative direction. On their aptly titled fifth full-length album, Out of Control, the band is no longer allowing themselves to be put in a box, sonically or topically, to fit what is expected of them. The members of Gideon – Daniel McWhorter (Vocals), Tyler Riley (Guitar), Jake Smelley (Drums), and Caleb DeRusha (Bass) – have encountered a myriad of cultures while touring the world in support of their music. This opportunity to expand their worldview led to the realization that open-mindedness and acceptance are important aspects of developing your own perspective. The band’s latest release Out of Control finds the band breaking free of all previous restraints as they craft a diverse record, unlike anything they’ve ever released. it’s an eclectic array of musical influences, and Most notably, there is a heavy dose of 90’s and 2000’s nu-metal, but there are also clear inflections of outlaw country and hip hop incorporated throughout the record. Gideon was particularly inspired by Andre3000’s bold statement that “The South’s got something to say” at the Source Awards in 1995 while writing this record. At the time, mainstream hip hop revolved around “East Coast vs. West Coast”, and Andre3000’s claim energized a generation of southern artists to demand they be taken seriously. When Out of Control is released on Equal Vision Records on October 11th, it will undoubtedly prove that, once again, the south has something to say.

Watch:2 Close (ft. Drew York)” Official music video.

Sounds Like: Counterparts, Stray From The Path, Emmure

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