Plague Vendor

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The electric current of adrenaline wrapped in charisma takes form with the always entertaining Plague Vendor. On the band’s most recent release tilted By Night, the imagery of art direction from singer Brandon Blaine came before the sound, with the imagery of a house falling apart all lit up, like showing up to a murder scene. The moving punk approach with fearless groove, which is also somehow romantic leaves the listener asking “What did I just witness”, much like their over-the-top physical live show the band is known for.

Watch: “Night Sweats” Official music video.

Sounds Like: The Hives, Meat Wave, White Reaper

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San Diego’s Carnifex has been serving up their brand of death metal and hardcore/metal since 2005 and it seems like you can’t turn a corner in the metal world without seeing their name these days. Pulling influences from bands like Slayer, Carcass, and In Flames, Carnifex quickly made a name for themselves in the underground/DIY world which landed them on Victory Records and a sophomore album hitting Billboard Heatseekers charts at #19. By 2009, the band was a solid staple in the death metal scene. Now with the legendary metal label, Nuclear Blast, the band has continued to convert fans over with their live performances that serve up both the energy, but also the musical tightness that separates decent metal bands from great metal bands. Now on their eighth album, Graveside Confessions, the band has made a slight return to their more straight death metal roots with their tinge of symphonic parts still present. 

Watch: “Graveside Confessions” official music video.

Sounds Like: Slayer, Despised Icon, All Shall Perish

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Dream Phases

Image c/o: Luz Gallardo

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Emerging from Los Angeles, Dream Phases embodies a classic California sound by combining elements of neo-psychedelic rock and adventurous inner spirit into their music. Drawing influences from the earthy tones of the Byrds, the Beach Boys, and Elliot Smith, the band’s latest approach is a translation of their newest compelling musical endeavor. Forming in 2017, this trio draws on the sonic heritage of the West Coast pop/rock scene in constant creative evolution.

Watch: The official music video for “Don’t Forget to Love

Sounds Like: STRFKR, Pond, Ceramic Animal

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