ADVISORY: This video contains explicit language.

After nearly 30 years in the music scene, California-based punk rockers, Lagwagon, are back with a new announcement: their first full-length album since 2014. The album is called Railer, and the band is seeking to recreate the staple “Lagwagon” sound across the album, including on the lead single track, “Bubble.”

I really specifically tried to make it feel and sound like an old Lagwagon song, so I borrowed a lot from early records for it. And then from there, I just kept thinking that the rules have to be that Railer feels like something Lagwagon might have done in the old days.

Joey Cape, on “Bubble”

“Bubble” has been released on all platforms, and you can check out the official audio down below. You’ll hear all the essential parts of the Lagwagon sound. As the lyrics of the track say themselves, this track will make you feel like “it’s still 1992.”


You can also catch Lagwagon live on the stage by checking out their official website for tour dates near you.


To bring their classic sound, Lagwagon depend on Ernie Ball Burly Slinky strings on guitar, while using Regular Slinky Bass strings on bass.

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