Mac Demarco has never been afraid to be himself. Whether it’s posting videos of a stray cat behind his garage with some indie backing tracks, making a rogue Youtube account named ‘Cam Tony‘ with live-streamed recording sessions, or talking about his hatred of microbrews, Mac is known to march to the beat of his own drum.

In early June, Demarco released an exclusive live cover he performed of Japanese icon, Haruomi Hosono’s, hit song from 1975, “Honey Moon.” His cover is now available on Spotify. And yes, he sings it in Japanese. The cover was also included on Apple Music’s UNTITLED indie playlist. Mac has been on the move, starting up his own record label, conveniently titled, Mac’s Record Label. You can also catch him playing on his fall tour he named ‘Purple Bobcat Next To River’ Solo Tour.


Mac Demarco likes to play with Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys.

String Theory:

Need some more Mac? So do we. Take a few minutes to hear how Mac first started playing guitar, where he gets his inspirations, and how he keeps it real.




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