The Canadian pop-punkers we know and love have adopted a new sound for their latest live session at Paste Studios. Sum 41 strays away from their usual electrifying, in-your-face approach and instead strip down three of their tracks to just two acoustic guitars and the all too familiar vocals from Deryck Whibley.

The Sum 41 guys picked three tracks from across their discography for the session, including “Blood in My Eyes,” “Over My Head (Better Off Dead),” and a cut from their latest release, Order In Decline, called “Out For Blood.” In between songs, they chat with Paste about music history, fellow Ernie Ballers Metallica, and playing for charity. Check out Sum 41‘s acoustic performance below!


If you want to catch Sum 41 live, make sure to head over to their official website for their fall tour dates. You can also listen to Sum 41‘s 2019 album, Order In Decline, down below.


When they’re rocking out, Sum 41 gets their big sound with Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Cobalts and Light Nickel Wound Custom Gauge with Wound G. On bass, they rock the Power Cobalt bass.

For this acoustic session, though, they are rocking the Earthwood Light Phosphor Bronzes. Also, check out Tom Thacker’s Ernie Ball hat!


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