The Ernie Ball family is sending our best wishes to guitarist Max Becker and production crew members Josh Berl and Natalie Somekh, who were involved in a car accident after leaving the Berkeley show. For more updates on the accident, follow SWMRS social channels here.


Adventure was proven to be out there thanks to SWMRS UNCOOL Fest V. Since 2015, the Berkeley punk rockers have been hosting their annual Halloween show in their hometown alongside fellow talented artists. This year, the lineup included B.A.G, Kuromi, DYGL, and fellow Ernie Balls Ultra Q and Together Pangea.


Held at Berkeley’s UC Theater, the venue was transformed into a scene of nostalgia and chaos — with fans moshing as their favorite Pixar characters. We had the opportunity to join in on the night of festivities. Scroll through the images below to get a glimpse into the night.

To Infinity and Beyond!

The night’s Disney Pixar theme was only fitting for the Bay Area homecoming (Pixar HQ is located just south of Berkeley!). Fans experienced the Monsters, Inc. scary doors as they entered the historic venue, prismatic balloons awaiting adventure were stationed on either side of the stage, and Toy Story’s iconic balls bounced amongst the crowd.


Fans were also treated to a special appearance of Russell from Up. We’re not kidding. The main character of Up is based on SWMRS’s childhood friend, Russell Jang. In honor of the Pixar night, Russell came in full Boy Scout attire.



Ultra Q





Together Pangea












SWMRS keep things energized with Regular Slinky on electric guitar and Hybrid Slinky on bass. For acoustic, they rely on Paradigm Phosphor Bronze.

Los Angeles based Together Pangea play Power and Regular Slinkys, with Hybrid Cobalt Flatwound strings on bass.

The guys of Ultra Q play RPS Regular and Regular Slinkys on electric guitar, with Regular Slinky on bass. 

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