ADVISORY: This video contains explicit language.

The Californian surf rock group, SWMRS, have just released a new video bubbling with energy for their upbeat track, “Lose Lose Lose.” This track was the leading single for their latest release, Berkeley’s on Fire, and its video parallels its production in its bright, in-your-face presentation.

SWMRS have come a long ways since their origins of bonding over School of Rock and making silly green screen music videos in their garage. Now, other than rocking sold out stadiums with Muse, they are signed to pop-rock label Fueled by Ramen and releasing fully produced (albeit, equally goofy) music videos like the latest for “Lose Lose Lose.”

On the track, SWMRS stay true to their surf-rock roots with their steady drums, fuzzy guitar riffs, and explosive vocals. However, the cynical lyrics create a contrast with the vibrant visuals and the upbeat tune of song.

If you want to lose your mind with SWMRS live, you can track their tour dates on the official website.


SWMRS shred using Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings on electric guitar, Paradigm Medium Light Phosphor Bronze strings on acoustic guitar, and Hybrid Slinky strings on bass.

Listen to SWMRS

*** Featured Image: SWMRS

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