Florida-based metalcore band, Wage War, should be at the top of the metal radar right now. Leaning towards the melodic side of the metalcore spectrum, Wage War is a band that presents a good chunk of variety in their work. Their ability to transition between guttural vocals and brutal riffs in the verse to clean tones and ear-worm hooks in the chorus seamlessly is to be respected.

The band left 2017 on a high note; with their sophomore album, Deadweight, they released some of their most popular tracks and embarked on their first headlining tour. Since then, the band has uprooted from the sunshine state to work on their latest album in Los Angeles, California. Living under the same roof, the band has become closer — both physically and creatively — in order to find inspiration for the upcoming project.

Other than checking off a journey west from their bucket list, the members of Wage War have cited Los Angeles as the source of the pressure catalyzing the namesake of the album. The new space has allowed the band to grow and reach new territory with their sound.

When you listen to the album, you hopefully get Wage War turned up to ten. Lyrically, everything is from the heart. Maybe, it gets you through a tough time, pushes you into another day, or gives you the strength to talk to somebody. There’s nothing better.

Cody Quistad on Pressure

The band has already released two singles from the album, including “Who I Am,” which is featured in the music video above. “Low” has been released right alongside it, and if these two tracks are any indication for the upcoming album, it will not be one to miss for any metal fan.

To catch Wage War on their international tour for the album, take a look at the dates on their official website.


Bassist, Chris Gaylord, plays a Music Man StingRay four string bass with Power Slinky Strings and a .135 individual.

Guitarists Seth and Cody count on Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky strings with an added .080 individual.

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