Paul Stanley, the legendary co-writer, guitarist, and singer of KISS sat down for an episode of Ernie Ball: String Theory to discuss his philosophy on creativity, his approach to guitar playing, and how to deal with criticism. These are the Top 6 Things we learned from Paul:

1: Lead With The Rhythm. (1:37)

“For me being a rhythm player was never a stepping stone to being a lead player. Too often people either forego spending time learning and understanding rhythm playing and think ifs more important to know how to solo. Surprisingly or not so much so I remember there were guys, there were kids, who were very flashy on lead guitar but as soon as you ask them “OK now back ME up” they were lost. I think you can spend a lifetime working on your rhythm.”

2: Go Heavy. (3:01)

“To me to play great rhythm you need stiff strings. Whatever your fingers can handle is the way to go. When you have those wobbly strings I’ve seen how people play [effete hand motion] y’know? and to me that’s not rock n roll. Rock n roll is about the glory of the arm swing. The down push. I want the glory of those big chords.”

3: KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid. (4:08)

“If a song can’t be played on a single instrument it’s not a good song. I’ve always believed that you can lengthen and embellish but the core has to be a great song.”

4: Respect the Rules. (4:41)

“People break the rules but you really should know the rules before you break them. And I’ve always been satisfied with the rules so I’ve always stuck to them.”

5: Express Yourself. (5:09)

“[…]whether I’m painting or whether I’m creating a song you’re taking something intangible and making something tangible. You’re imagining something and making it real.”

6: Stay true to the music. (7:28)

“A lot of what people or critics tended to consider credible or valid fell by the wayside and has become DATED. But real rock n roll transcends all that. Real Rock n Roll lasts.”

String Theory

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