Memphis May Fire


Memphis May Fire puts everything they’ve got into their melodic hardcore sound. Whether you know them from their hits like “Faint,” “Miles Away,” or “No Ordinary Love,” their veteran status on the Vans Warped Tour, or their infamy in the genre, Memphis May Fire have revealed themselves to you in their music.

Memphis May Fire is a sonic confessional, confronting the brokenness so many feel, and challenging that darkness with an aggressive call toward a hard-won victory. Crossing genre-barriers and standing side-by-side with the elite of the rock world is nothing new for the unapologetically melodic and forcefully heavy band.

Memphis May Fire Official Bio

If you have not checked out Memphis May Fire, their latest album, Broken, would be a good place to start. They have described the release as “perfect distillation of everything the band has achieved creatively, with the group’s signature passion and diversity, and a bold leap into the future.” To learn more about the band, head over to their official website.

Memphis May Fire confess with Ernie Ball 8-String Slinkys and a custom set of bass strings using individual Ernie Ball bass strings.

Check out the top tracks from Memphis May Fire below.

38 Special


The American rockers, 38 Special, are nothing short of legends. With simply iconic ballads like “Hold On Loosely” and “Caught Up In You,” 38 Special has been delivering head-banging tunes since their founding in 1974. After a strong touring year in 2019, the band has recently fallen on tough news with the passing of bassist, Larry “L.J.” Junstrom.

He rocked arenas all over the world and succeeded in living his dream. He was truly one of a kind, a congenial traveling companion and a great friend to all with a humorous slant on life that always kept our spirits high – a kind man with a big heart for everyone who crossed his path. There will never be another like him.

38 Special Official Site

If you want to support 38 Special, be sure to head over to their official website.

38 Special use Ernie Ball Power Slinkys, Hybrid Slinkys, and Hybrid Slinky bass strings.

Take a listen to the greatest of 38 Special down below.



Coming hot out of Atlanta, Georgia, Sevendust is a powerhouse in the alternative metal genre. Boasting huge sales, three consecutive RIAA gold albums, and a Grammy nomination, you can be sure that Sevendust is a band to watch out for. Their brutal guitar riffs are perfectly complemented by their melodic vocals, creating a perfect balance.

Discussion is not happening. Everyone is so quick to snap online. We’re not listening. We’re just talking. In these songs, we don’t sugarcoat what’s going on. For as dark as the subject matter may be, it’s about hope. We know we can be in a better spot, because we’ve seen so many different individuals come together around music. We take pride in the connection we have.

Sevendust Official Bio

Sevendust has been out on tour with fellow Ernie Ballers like Alter Bridge and Shinedown, so if you want a stacked metal lineup with all of your favorites, be sure to head over to the official Sevendust website to scope out tour dates near you.

Sevendust gets their sound with Ernie Ball Beefy Slinkys on guitar and Power Slinky 5-String bass strings.

Check out Sevendust‘s top tracks down below.

Pianos Become The Teeth


There is just something about Baltimore that fosters some of the best emo bands around. Pianos Become The Teeth are no exception. Leaning more towards the “screamo” end of the spectrum, they are a notable band in a post-hardcore movement called “The Wave.” Since 2006, Pianos Become The Teeth have been paving the way for their sound.

The record is kind of about how we give and receive love throughout different times of our life and through different experiences, and how sometimes we’re hesitant to accept love and we’re hesitant to give out love because of different hardships you’ve gone through in your life.

Kyle Durfey, Upset Magazine

If you want to find out just how honest the latest Pianos Become The Teeth album is, be sure to check out Keep You. Otherwise, head to their official website to learn more about the band.

Pianos Become The Teeth rock with Ernie Ball Not Even Slinkys and Power Slinkys on bass.

Take a listen to the top tracks from Pianos Become The Teeth below.

Marina City


With their anthemic alternative pop, Marina City is on the rise. Their first release was an EP titled Terminal, which put them on the map with their leading track “Man In The Mirror.” 2019 has been another big year for Marina City, with the band teasing fans with three new original singles and accompanying remixes.

Getting raves from all over the world in Atwood Magazine, Earmilk, WGN, Dance Charts (DE) and countless others, the band has given writers and fans a breath of fresh air. Atwood Magazine described Marina City as ‘indie pop with an R&B twist, evoking the best of Prince, Michael Jackson, and The 1975 without sounding like anyone but themselves.’

Marina City Official Bio

The Marina City crew are stars on the rise. If you want to chart their trajectory, be sure to keep an eye on their official website.

Marina City create bangers with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Paradigms and Coated Hybrid Slinkys on the low-end.

Take a listen to the best of Marina City down below.

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