Ice Nine Kills


Ice Nine Kills have been delivering new music all October, as they release the final cuts of their 2018 smash hit album, The Silver Scream. Their latest music video has released accompanying their banger, “SAVAGES,” and after watching it, you will forget that Halloween is already over. The metalcore group is known for their gritty sound, perfect for the frightful season. In fact, their on-stage garb is so scary, they were banned from performing in Orlando.

We were told that because of our violent imagery, we were not welcome at the Orlando stop of the tour. That particular venue is on Disney property… We ended up making some really funny t-shirts to sort of make fun of the whole thing and not take it too seriously.

Spencer Charnas, Loudwire

If your hankering for fear wasn’t quelled this Halloween, check out Ice Nine Kills for the best mashup of slasher flick imagery and quality symphonic metal jams. Their new album, The Silver Scream (FINAL CUT), has six new tracks for fans to mull over, and of course, that means the band will be out on the road performing them live. To catch them in person, hit their official website for tour dates.

Ice Nine Kills kill it with Ernie Ball Power Slinky and 7-String Power Slinkys on their Ernie Ball Music Man JP and JP7. On their Stingray and Stingray 5, they go for Super Slinky bass and 5-String Super Slinky bass.

Listen to Ice Nine Kills ripping on their new remastered album, The Silver Scream (FINAL CUT).

Doug Tuttle


If you’ve had enough of the October frights and would prefer to be whisked away into a foggy autumn dream, Doug Tuttle is the dude for you. His latest album, Dream Road, is perfect psychedelic pop for the season. His folky inspirations shine through on his sparkling slide guitar riffs and crystalline vocals, all coated in that fuzzy ooze of the late 70s that will have you yearning for autumn leaves.

Throughout all, Tuttle’s guitar picking and soloing echoes the greats of decades prior, Harrison, Thompson, Clarence White, with a conscious eye to the unsung bedroom and basement weird pop genius of sung and unsung artists like Harumi, Sixth Station, The Bachs and Jim Sullivan. The ease at which Tuttle’s songs fold and unfold suggests something more than your usual home recorded musings.

Doug Tuttle Official Bio

You can check out some of Doug Tuttle‘s finest work on Dream Road down below. The 10 song, thirty-minute jaunt through the album is a pleasant one. If you’d like to walk down the dream road with Doug Tuttle in concert, check out his official website to keep up to date with news and tour announcements.

Doug Tuttle is a fan of Super Slinkys.

Take a stroll down Doug Tuttle‘s Dream Road below.

Courage My Love


“What if you never had to feel lonely again?” That is the question that Courage My Love‘s new track, “Slow Motion,” presents, and alt-pop bangers are surely the answer they had in mind. Hailing from Canada, the twin sisters, Mercedes and Phoenix Van-Horn, are two-thirds of the trio completed with their bassist, Brandon Lockwood.

We just want to get music out there. We find that any time we release a record we end up sitting on new music for a year or two. And in this day and age it’s not practical for a young band to disappear for two years between album cycles. We’re just trying to record and release music as we go and work towards an album or EP. But right now we’re just really impatient and just didn’t want to wait!

Mercedes Van Horn, GoldenPlec

This track is the first they have released this year, and we’re hoping it foreshadows more new music from the trio. If you want to hear the new tunes for yourself, you can check out the music video above, their top tracks below, or hunt for tickets on their official website!

Courage My Love rock out with Regular Slinky Paradigms, Earthwood 80/20 Medium Lights on acoustic, and Beefy Slinkys on bass.

Check out Courage My Love‘s bangers down below.

Charming Liars


Charming Liars are brutally honest. With their sound, their music videos, and their imagery, they aren’t afraid to be blunt. Their anthemic pop-rock is sure to hook in your brain, like their latest single above, “Ocean.” Their 2019 full-length album (and its accompanying acoustic EP), Thought, Flesh, and Bone, combines the sultry with the surreal to unweave an incredible story throughout.

The widescreen musical palette, lush melodies, and dark alternative energy of Charming Liars have always been ripe for celluloid… The boys penned and produced a palpable and powerful story with no holds-barred as it graphically and explicitly depicts drug use and acts of sex and violence. Kiliyan [Maguire] concludes, ‘A lot of the themes may be dark, but there’s still hope in this record.’

Charming Liars Official Bio

If their new single is anything to go off of, Charming Liars are not going to coast on the wave of momentum they gathered from Thought, Flesh, and Bone. We’re looking forward to new music and a return to the stage from the eye-catching trio, and you should be too. If you want to keep up with everything that is Charming Liars, you should check out their official website for the latest updates.

Charming Liars use Not Even Slinky and Super Slinky bass on the low-end.

Get real with Charming Liars below.

The Temperance Movement


We’re all guitar nerds here, and there’s nothing a guitar nerd loves more than some good ol’ blues-rock. Uniting from all over the U.K. and even Australia, the stars have aligned to bring us The Temperance Movement. Capturing the ethereal essence of an era in music long gone, The Temperance Movement captivates fans of classic rock with their sound while stirring in a bit of that modern magic.

What I’ve learned over years of buying things that my favorite guitar players have, and sounding nothing like them, is that it’s not really about that. There are loads of guys that I love their playing: Blake Mills, Joey Landreth, Nels Cline. But unless you hit the strings with the same velocity that your favourite guitar player is, you’re not going to sound like them. Matt and I use the same amps and we sound totally different because we hit the guitar in a different way.

Paul Sayer,

Last year, the band released a ripper of an album, A Deeper Cut. Since then, they have been tearing up the stage all summer long. Gearing up for the winter season, they are preparing to kick off some winter tour dates. If you want to be sure to get there, check out their official website.

The Temperance Movement uses Regular Slinkys and Power Slinkys on electric and Earthwood Medium Light Phosphor Bronze on acoustic.

Get the blues with The Temperance Movement down below.

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