We’ve all been there. When you’re shredding on your favorite rig in front of a crowded room (or alone in your bedroom, we get it) and out of nowhere — your strap snaps off its button. Suddenly life starts moving in slow motion as you watch your precious instrument crash to the ground. If you’re lucky, it doesn’t crack. If it does, well, don’t you wish there was something that could have prevented this in the first place? (Cue foreshadowing).

Introducing Ernie Ball Strap Blocks!


These magical little disks of rubber easily fit onto existing strap buttons and provide a tight fit without any modification to your instrument.

Strap Locks vs. Strap Blocks

Now, you might be confused about the difference between a strap lock and a strap block.

Strap blocks come in a set of two, for either end of the strap, while strap locks consist of four separate locking pieces — two permanently screwed into the guitar and two permanently attached to the strap.

The major difference is right in the name. A strap lock requires tools and drilling. So once you’ve attached it, you’re pretty much locked in. No changing straps, and if you have multiple instruments, you need to cash in on a couple sets.

A strap block, on the other hand, is a lot less commitment. They’re easily transferable between instruments and allow you to swap out straps as you please. So if you don’t trust yourself with power tools or are scared of commitment, these are the solution for you!

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