Let’s kick off the new year with a new addition to our Ernie Ball Family: Skegss! This lax surf rock group makes not caring look cool; they have nailed that laid-back irony that defines the genre. Maybe it is their distinct Australian attitude — and accents — but Skegss has a certain style that is a perfect fit for surf rock.

Although we’re not super organized, we do want to do heaps of stuff. So, I don’t know if we surprise ourselves because we’re constantly doing shit. I feel like there’s heaps of rules — people try and make rules when you’re in a band, like, you have to do certain things at certain times, whereas we’ve just kind of not really wanted to do the same.

Toby Cregan, Speaker TV

Skegss‘ latest release is a single called “Save It For The Weekend” with the B-side track “Up In The Clouds.” It seems that the band is always ready to release new music, so make sure to keep an eye out on their official website to stay up to date with everything Skegss.

Skegss rip it up with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky and Regular Slinky Bass strings.

Get the best of Skegss down below.


There’s another welcome to the family this week with the unstoppable Canadian electro-funk duo, Chromeo! Consisting of Dave 1 (David Macklovitch) and P-Thugg (Patrick Gemayel), their career was star-crossed after meeting in Montreal in the ’90s. Since then, the band has cranked out funky hits non-stop.

Rick James wears red leather pants, but he is a lyrical and musical genius and he contributed things to music. In another way people like Frank Zappa did that too. I like being on that edge of, ‘Are they serious? Are they joking? Are they earnest? Are they tongue-in-cheek? Are they music nerds or are they just two goofballs?’ I like playing with these opposites. P and I cultivate that.

David Macklovitch, Spin

If you want pure, unadulterated Chromeo, their 2018 release, Head Over Heels, will certainly deliver that goofy funk you are looking for. But, the duo has most recently been spotted as a prominent feature on the new MAX track, “Checklist.” To keep up with their hijinx, check out their official website.

Chromeo gets funky with Ernie Ball Regular Slinky.

Catch to Chromeo‘s top tracks below.

New Years Day

There is surely no better way to start 2020 than with our favorite aptly named rock group, New Years Day. Their gothic metal sound is defined by intense guitar riffs and vocals to match from singer Ashley Costello. In 2019, they released a full-length album, Unbreakable. Since its release, it has quickly become a notable landmark in their career.

I used to use a lot of metaphors. I asked myself, ‘Why am I hiding what I’m trying to say?’ I realized it was because I wasn’t letting myself be vulnerable in that. When you’re putting out exactly how you feel and someone hates it, well, that hurts a lot more than some poetry. It was really hard for me, but I pushed myself. I wanted to really sing literally this time instead of metaphorically.

Ashley Costello, Heavy Metal Headquarters

If you want to hear New Years Day’s direct approach to songwriting, take a listen to Unbreakable down below. Otherwise, head over to their official website to look for tour dates.

New Years Day uses Ernie Ball Regular Slinky 7 String and Power Slinky 7 String on electric guitar. On acoustic, they use Earthwood Light Phosphor Bronze, and they use Beefy Slinky Bass strings on bass.

Eagles Of Death Metal

Up next, we have the legendary Eagles Of Death Metal. This garage rock group is defined by the duo of Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme. From lifelong friends to rock stars, these two have undergone a beautiful transformation that has taken them a long way.

Just when you thought it was safe to take your ladyfriends out again, Eagles of Death Metal are perched and ready to swoop in. The band has already toured their mustaches off, but the road once more beckons and the people have spoken… there will be more Eagles for the masses soon!

Eagles Of Death Metal Official Bio

Their latest release is an eclectic mix of their favorite Eagles Of Death Metal covers. Entitled EODM Presents Boots Electric Performing The Best Songs We Never Wrote, its first impression gives you the tongue-in-cheek style of humor that Eagles Of Death Metal fans know so well. You can listen to the album below or head to their official website for upcoming tour dates.

Eagles Of Death Metal use Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys and Power Slinkys.

Primal Scream

Formed in 1982, the alternative rock band Primal Scream has paved their way from Glasgow, Scotland. Their sound has traveled across the spectrum, from the rock ‘n’ roll sound of their 1991 hit, “Movin’ On Up,” to their latest dive into indie-pop with their album Chaosmosis (which includes the track above, “Where The Light Gets In”).

But my thing was always rock and roll. Okay, I guess I’ve got some kind of social conscience. But I couldn’t really live with working that world. I’m an artist, not a political organiser. I don’t have what they have. It’s a different thing. Battles aren’t won overnight, they’re won over generations. You’re just part of the movement. It’s an eternal struggle, as far as I can see. But I saw how hard my da worked. But then I work hard hard, you know. Music is my contribution. Back then, it looked like a lot more fun.

Bobby Gillespie, Huck

There is a certain quality to the music of Primal Scream that give them an iconic status. It is irresistible, but most importantly, fun to listen to. Their latest release is a tribute to that: Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll: The Singles. It is a collection of the greatest works of Primal Scream, and you can check it out on their official website.

Primal Scream uses Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys and Power Slinkys.

Get hooked with the best of Primal Scream down below.

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