For all of us at Ernie Ball, as well as you at home, playing music is not only an escape and a chance at self-expression, but also a never-ending quest to get better at your craft. While we find ourselves home amid the current COVID-19 outbreak, and subsequent social-distancing and shelter-in-place orders, we can search for the silver lining of finding more time to work on our craft.

We’ve teamed up with Ernie Ball artist, and good friend, Jason Richardson to offer you some prepared jam tracks to download, stream, and practice your improv on. Jason Richardson offers his tracks, “OMNI” from his solo album, I, and “Tendinitis” for you to play around with. The tunes have Jason’s solo tracks removed, so feel free to try and play his parts, or simply make up your own. The tracks are offered below to download or stream via YouTube. Jason is playing his Ernie Ball Music Man Jason Richardson 7-String Cutlass, tuned a full step down (GDGCFAD).

Download both files by clicking the links below here:



If you would like to get Jason’s tabs for these songs, you can get them here. Once you’ve created your own jam, we’d love to hear it! Share on your social channels by tagging Ernie Ball (@ernieball) and using the hashtag (#StayInAndPlay) and we’ll reshare your music on Ernie Ball’s Instagram. We’re all in this together and we encourage you to #StayInAndPlay. 

Check out the OMNI and Tendinitis jam tracks on Jason’s YouTube channel below…

Jason’s Gear

Jason Richardson uses 7-string Regular Slinky Cobalt strings and Paradigm Power Slinky strings to get his signature sound and his Ernie Ball Music Man Artist Series Cutlass 7-string guitar is his #1 go-to instrument.

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