Mainstream rock band Cage the Elephant is at it again with their soon-to-be-released album, Social Cues, which is due to drop on April 19. The sixth track of their album, “Ready to Let Go,” was released earlier this year and gave fans the hint that there was more to come. Originally formed in Kentucky in the early 2000s, the band gained quick fame in the UK and eventually took the rest of the world by storm. According to their Spotify stats, Cage the Elephants’ main listeners are in the US, UK and Brazil, proving that their music appeals to a universal taste.

Check out the music video for “Ready to Let Go”


Social Cues Track List:

  1. Broken Boy
  2. Social Cues
  3. Black Madonna
  4. Night Running (feat. Beck)
  5. Skin and Bones
  6. Ready to Let Go
  7. House of Glass
  8. Love’s the Only Way
  9. The War is Over
  10. Dance Dance
  11. What I’m Becoming
  12. Tokyo Smoke
  13. Goodbye


Cage the Elephant band members play Power Slinky and Regular Slinky guitar strings. On acoustic, they play Paradigm Phosphor Bronze Med/Light strings.


**Photo courtesy of Daniel Pagan

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